Russell T Davies on the future of Torchwood

News Simon Brew 30 Oct 2012 - 10:00
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Torchwood remains in limbo, admits Russell T Davies, although the axe hasn't swung on the show.

First order of business: have you caught up with episode one of Wizards Vs Aliens yet? The new show, from Russell T Davies and Phil Ford, arrived on CBBC yesterday, and you can catch up with it on BBC iPlayer now. It's well worth it, and it's on again later (when we'll have our review of the first story).

Russell T Davies has been doing one or two interviews to promote the show. Yesterday, we reported on his comments regarding his ongoing non-involvement with Doctor Who. And, in an interview with Graham Norton, he's given a Torchwood update too.

Davies moved to the US to make Torchwood: Miracle Day, a show that did decent ratings, but got a mixed response. Personal issues have meant Davies lives back in the UK now, and he admitted to Norton that it's left the show in "limbo".

"I would have carried on if circumstances hadn't brought me back to this country", he admitted. "I'm not working on it at the moment. I'm only working on Wizards Vs Aliens. When I get back to work one day I don't know if it'll be old news to the BBC then".

He affirmed that the show hadn't been cancelled, and said it's one of "those shows can come back in ten or 20 years time". However, Torchwood appears to be on nobody's immediate agenda at the moment.

Here's the interview over at the BBC (with thanks to Bleeding Cool for the heads up). The bit about Torchwood is right at the end.

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Well, in 20 years John Barrowman won't look as ageless as he's supposed to look...

After Miracle Day, i hope it never comes back. Should've ended with Children of Earth

10 -20 years time? John Barrowman really will be the Face of Bo-tox by then.

Miracle Day killed it for me.
Now i couldn't care less if it comes back or not.

I think he is already, one of the features of miracle day seemed to be his supernatural ability to only emote with half his face.

I'd much rather RTD just took an executive producer role and let someone else become showrunner for further seasons. Hopefully, it would be a Brit but there's no reason why Gwen can't be written out and replaced by a new POV character from the US if they can't think up enough UK references.

only in favour of new Torchwood if they a) give it to chris chibnall and b) don't set it in the modern day. you've got over a hundred years of potential there for storylines.

Indeed! If Davies hasn't got the time for series 5, hand it over to someone else. It happens all the time. Beyond that: Torchwood has to come back if the whole Whoniverse timeline should make any sense. And yes, I know The Moff has rebooted Doctor Who in some way, but UNIT is also still around aren't they? So Queen Elizabeth II, please reinstate the institute with your funding.

Mixed response? I suppose so - some people said it was rubbish whereas most said it royally sucked balls.

Enjoyed Miracle Day more than I thought I would, but it was still the weakest Torchwood ever. It never should have left Cardiff, and should it return, it needs to go back there. But I've accepted the fact that it will more than likely never be back and can live with that.

You know, after a bumpy start, this show really found it's own niche and identity with Children of Earth. Cracking, old school, serial sci-fi. Like Quatermass.
But that was before Miracle Day.
That series was SO bad, so completely and utterly idiotic, that I don't want to see these characters again.
And Barrowman? Keep him away from Doctor Who. He was never the best actor in the world but whatever talent he might have once evaporated with that series. Now he's just a dodgy gameshow host with a suspiciously fake sounding American accent...


He's not supposed to look ageless, is he? In Dr Who he worries about the fact that he can't die, but he carries on aging, going on about his vanity

John´s American accent isn´t fake, He is grew up in America from age 9 but he was born in Scotland.

Oh, I know. I'm well aware. Which is why I'm so terribly, terribly confused as to why it sounds so false. I've met plenty of Americans and none of them sound anything like John Barrowman.
I love the idea that this guy's so bad an actor he can't even play himself.

Miracle Day was full-on ghastly. It had the most dreadful acting, plotting and story. It was only worth watching to see how bad it could get. If it gets rebooted, I hope they pretend 'Miracle Day' never happened and leave Rex in the realm of distant bad memories, where he belongs.

I think it is fake, but he uses it for his "showbiz" persona, the face he shows to the media. There's some Torchwood bloopers on Youtube where he slips into a Scottish accent when hes laughing.

My best wishes all go towards RTD and his partner. Nobody deserves to have to go through what they're going through, especially after all the happiness he's given millions of people.

God, Miracle Day was rubbish. I'd honestly rather it be cancelled than have another mediocre, Americanized, tired series. Exodus Code kind of drove home the fact that Torchwood needs to be buried while we can still think back on the first three series with fondness.

I remember he was the subject of "Who Do You Think You Are?", or some such show, and when with his family spoke broad Scottish. Something many people do, I worked with a woman whose immaculate RP accent slipped into broad Norfolk with her family.

I completely agree. The new installments (MD and Exodus) really drive home the point that the Torchwood we all loved has been long gone. Pity, but they will never recapture the magic of the original cast and format. The longer they try to drag things on, the less I care.

I just want them to bring back Jack into the world of Doctor Who!!!! I love torchwood just as much, and i think that the characters are ones that shouldnt go to waste. Also the fact that captain jack was originally a steven moffat character should give reason for him to be allowed to bring him back.

I'm American and I didn't think it sounded too strange. There are a lot of different regional accents over here.

Well he didn't age noticably in the 2000 years he was buried in that one episode, so it'd take some explaining why he'd suddenly look 20 years older

He doesn't care about this show...
He has no respect for the fans of this show...
Can we get another show runner please?

I suspect its because he kept dying. Dying has the effect of terminating the aging process...

He as a personal life outside of TV, mate. Dont be so quick to judge, if he didn't care about the show, he wouldn't have even worked on the last pile of Torturewood.

TBH, I don't think we should request any more Torchwood. It's mythos died when the doctor regenerated into 11. It's best to let it lie. Judging by the american influence on Miracle Day, whatever they did with it next would be dire.

God bless RTD, the man who returned Dr Who to its former glory, only to have his hard work ruined by the genius.

Nah, it's an american show now

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