Torchwood: Miracle Day casting news

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2 Mar 2011 - 06:43

Two more names join the roster of guest stars for the upcoming Torchwood: Miracle Day…

Production continues over in Los Angeles on the fourth series of Torchwood, Miracle Day. The ten-part season sees the return of John Barrowman and Eve Myles as Captain Jack Harkness and Gwen, respectively, and also on board is Mekhi Phifer.

We've had some news of guest stars, too, with Jurassic Park and Basic Instinct alumni, Wayne Knight, in at least one episode of the show. And a few more names have trickled through now as well.

First up, Ernie Hudson has joined the cast for at least an episode. The news broke via the Twitter feed of one of the crew, Michael Colbert, who wrote, "The one and only Ernie Hudson is guest starring on this ep.".Hudson is, of course, best known for his work as one of the Ghostbusters.

Also, C Thomas Howell has revealed to the site Southland TV Fans that he, too, will be appearing in Torchwood: Miracle Day. As with Hudson, his exact role is unknown, and we suspect it'll stay like that for a while yet.

More Torchwood news as we get it...

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