Torchwood season two gets debut date

News Simon Brew
29 Nov 2007 - 09:37
Torchwood. They're coming back for more...

An American press release has all but confirmed when we'll be seeing Torchwood season two...

The second season of Doctor Who spin-off programme Torchwood is set to premiere in January.

We’ve found this out not because the BBC has formally announced it itself. Nope, instead a press release has emerged from BBC America that’s confirmed that season two of the show will kick off on January 26th in the States. And given that it’s unlikely America will get it before the UK does, you can fairly safely assume that the long-rumoured January broadcast slot is all but a given.

Season two of the show has already attracted a few guest stars to its line up, with Jim Robinson (who plays Alan Dale in real life) and James Marsters (he from Buffy and Smallville)  set for appearances.

Also, Freeman Agyeman as Martha Jones will be crossing into Torchwood this year as well, before she heads off back to Doctor Who come the end of its fourth season.

Producers have promised that this year we’ll dig into Captain Jack’s back story further, and the chances of a romance seem reasonably high too. Given the momentum that Torchwood was enjoying towards the back end of season one, it'll be interesting to see if it can really realise its potential this time round.

Torchwood will debut in BBC Two this time, incidentally, having shifted over from its BBC Three home.

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