New Thunderbirds series pushes ahead

News Louisa Mellor 4 Feb 2013 - 11:06

Gerry Anderson's Thunderbirds are set for a 2015 return to ITV, courtesy of The Lord Of The Rings' Weta workshop...

Almost two years ago to the day, we first heard talk of Gerry Anderson's plan to revive Thunderbirds for ITV, and now comes confirmation that the project is pushing ahead. Six weeks after Anderson passed away, ITV has officially announced pre-production on Thunderbirds Are Go! (a working title, but a good'un).

Anderson's promise that the revival would use "all mod-cons" is being kept to, thanks to the involvement of New Zealand's Weta Workshop, which is to collaborate with ITV Studios to produce the twenty-six-episode series. The Tracy brothers will be brought back to life using a combination of live-action models and CGI animation, in an alternative to the CGI and motion-capture techniques used to produce New Captain Scarlet. So that'll be super-hyper-marionation then?

ITV's Thunderbirds Are Go! press release has plenty of respectful references to retaining heritage and paying tribute to legacy while bringing the much-loved property to a new audience (of toy-buying tweens and nostalgic adults).

Just as long as the new take is miles from the 2004 live-action film, we'll be happy to see its return.


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Pointless, it'll target a young demo-graph who have other interests. The original was made with puppets but had some quite mature, sometimes epic storylines. Let it be.

Just re-show the original series!! I'd watch that.

As long as ITV don't give it the crappy treatment they gave New Captain Scarlet, I'd be happy.

You mad? The new Captain Scarlet was fantastic. Far too good for kids.

… I rather think Axaul meant ITV's appalling treatment when showing the series. It's initial run, carved-up during some puerile Saturday morning kid's show rendered it un-watchable. The New Captain Scarlet was fantastic but ITV treated it very badly …

Worked in the 90's. Still wish I'd actually given building the Blue Peter Tracy Island a try. Too lazy alas.

Yes I should have been more clear on that. New Captain Scarlet was some I got excited about and hoped to see more of, or at least Gerry expanding his use if Hypermarionation. (Stingray anyone?)
But ITV seriously hampered its potential wider success. Mind you, I live in Australia and it was only broadcast once, while I missed so I imported the DVDs and hold this series in high regard.

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