Revisiting The X-Files: season 1 episode 11

News Matt Haigh
30 Oct 2008 - 06:15

Our revisiting of the maiden season of The X-Files stumbles across Eve. And there's danger ahead...

11. Eve

What's scarier than a man who crawls through air vents and eats people's livers? The answer: identical twin girls, of course.

When a little girl's father is found with puncture wounds in his neck, his body drained of blood, Mulder jumps to the conclusion that this must be the work of - no, not vampires - aliens! He explains to a bemused Scully how cattle have been found across the country with similar puncture wounds in their necks and with litres of blood missing. Also, the fact that the dead man's daughter can't seem to remember what happened suggests she was abducted (people who claim to have been abducted often report great chunks of time they can't account for, you see).

Things get very strange indeed, though, when M & S meet a little girl identical to the one whose father was drained of blood, except she comes from a different family and has a different name. Their investigations lead them to another of the government's dirty secrets. A programme was devised to create genetically superior humans: the boys of this programme were all called Adam, while the girls were called Eve. They visit one such Eve (Eve 6) in her prison cell, where she's clearly gone demented.

Apparently heightened psychosis is a side-effect of heightened intelligence. Then we get to the meat of the story: one of the Eves is on the loose and is hunting down her remaining sisterhood - namely, the two little girls, who are also Eves. Slightly confused? Well, read on.

You see, the Eve who has escaped does not want to hurt the twins. Rather, she has recognised that the Eves exhibit signs, not only of insanity, but also violence, and so, blessed with her brilliant mind, this Eve (Eve 7) wishes to help the girls control their gift of superior intelligence.

The episode is turned on its head, however, when Eve 7 falls dead, having been poisoned, and it is revealed that the girls are the evil entity and have been all along, killing their fathers and almost killing Mulder and Scully in the process (it's a good thing Mulder spotted that stain on the table top, really, isn't it?) When our agent protagonists finally realize the truth, they capture the girls, who are incarcerated with the other Eves.

The best part of this episode for me was the initial few seconds, when the girl's dead father was found pale as snow, the whites of his eyes showing. I was all geared up for some sort of vampire episode. What I got instead was pretty good, though. Here is one of the few instances when the plot is tied together and not left open for interpretation, and it works just as well. It is a good, original story, and the twin girls are suitably menacing, dressed all in red and scowling like little demons, proving you can't go wrong when it comes to twins and horror.

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