First trailer for sci-fi series The Whispers

Trailer Louisa Mellor
14 May 2014 - 07:32

Aliens have landed and they're targeting Earth's kids. Here's the first trailer for new ABC sci-fi, The Whispers...

Exploiting the 'creepy kids and their not-so-imaginary friends' horror trope is The Whispers (formerly The Visitors), a new sci-fi series on its way to ABC this autumn.

The official synopsis for the series, which stars American Horror Story's Lily Rabe and Heroes' Milo Ventimiglia (not that he's visible in this trailer), is as follows:

"Aliens have invaded Earth by using our most unlikely resource to achieve world domination—our children. As the kids unwittingly help these unseen enemies, the clock counts down in this suspenseful race to save humanity."

Take a look at the first, slightly spoiler-y trailer below...


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