First clip from The Walking Dead season 5

Trailer Louisa Mellor
7 Jul 2014 - 07:05

The undead threat is still very much alive in this first clip from The Walking Dead season 5...

AMC has released a 'back to basics' clip of The Walking Dead's fifth season.

Featuring Carol (Melissa McBride), Tyreese (Chad Coleman) and Judith (a baby) attempting to keep a low profile in the woods as a herd of Walkers amble into their path, the teaser is characteristically tense, if not exactly explosive stuff.

"Answers and lots of them" is what comics creator and executive producer Robert Kirkman tells us to expect from The Walking Dead's fifth season premiere, due to air on AMC this October. Terminus and its people will be explained, and the gang will attempt to exit that railway car using ingenuity, creativity, and savageness...

The Walking Dead season five is due to begin on AMC this October.


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