Major character death rumoured for The Walking Dead season 5

News Louisa Mellor 3 Jun 2014 - 07:45

Step away if you don't want to hear a rumoured major spoiler for The Walking Dead season 5...

Repeating a rumour that a major character is going to die in the next season of The Walking Dead isn't unlike repeating a rumour that trees are going to drop their leaves come autumn. It's inevitable; The Walking Dead kills characters, major characters, all the time.

Add to that the existence of a pile of comics yea high featuring the deaths of many of the show's current roster, including this one, and what we're about to write isn't even news for the initiated Walking Dead reader.

That said, please clear out now if you don't want to be spoiled for a possible character exit in season five. Go on, get.

Okay, now the rumour is that Steven Yeun, one of the few remaining central cast members to have appeared from The Walking Dead's pilot onwards, has already filmed his final scenes on the show. Yeun's character, Glenn, is rumoured to died in season five scenes filmed at the end of May, according to The Spoiling Dead Fans.

If so, then Glenn Rhee, pizza delivery guy turned badass, we salute you. And no disrespect intended Sir, but thank heaven it's you and not Daryl.

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Makes sense. He dies in the comic as well. Rather late though. I'm not entirely sure where they are exactly in the adaptation framework right now but I'd say it's a pretty sure bet Glenn's gonna go six feet under this season.

Spoilers in the headline now?? Is this the Daily Mail then?

Never read the comics so I don't know what his character is like in those but I'm so bored of him in the show that I wouldn't care if he died.

If this is true then I hope it means that Negan's coming to the show.

If they kill him like he dies in the comic then I will be suitably impressed.

ooh ooh, how does he go in the comics?

Edit: I just checked the Wiki. Ouch!

What spoiler in the headline?? Everyone dies in TWD, that's what the show's about.


If this is the case, I'd wager that the introduction of Negan and Glen's death with close season 5 with the 'All Out War' arc taking up season 6. Can't wait, especially as this means we should hopefully be introduced to Jesus this season!

Not that I would want Daryl gone at all but if he did then it might free him up to play Roland in a Dark Tower adaptation as in my world, cold and lonely as it may be, Norman Reedus would be a perfect gunslinger.

I very much doubt they will kill daryl until they are about to end the series because he's a major character. And the most popular and amc is all about money so they aren't going to kill the golden goose. I myself haven't read the comics but know that glenn does die in them. I am personally hoping carol dies this year/

I don't think they'd kill him the Negan way, it's way too early for Negan in the show yet - maybe late Season 7 with Daryl meeting Glenn's comic fate? That would get Negan hated by everyone

No more Glenn & Maggie. Good

Meh. I gave up watching this after the mid season break when Herschel got killed. Killing characters off I can live with but there has to be something more to it than that.

Compare this with GoT: lots of characters die but they at least they do so while trying to achieve something. The Walking Dead's storyline is just too basic. There needs to be more of a purpose to life than just trying avoid being killed.

I wouldn't bet on it, I'm not sure if anyone in the show has had the same death as in the comic. They either swap the characters or the event order around when they use scenes.

I think we'd also be hearing the casting rumours if Negan is to appear next year, hard to hide someone that... big!

I'm sure we're all relieved that it isn't Bob. He's very much what makes this show work and I don't know how they'd continue without him.

I can't see this involving Negan. If they've filmed Glenn's death already it's going to be in the first half of the season and that's likely to involve the cannibals (if that's what they actually are) at the end of last season.

glenn has been cool in the series but if its true his characters death would be the "shock"of the season and probably take place in the mid season finale ,so people will be glued to their tvs come feb to see the on another note with the spin off coming soon and the fact that a whole new series of books about lily after the prison assault in the comics is out,could tara have been mistaken about lily getting killed at the prison?her mind was in chaos after seeing the gov kill hershel ,she could have easily missed lily escaping perhaps she n others find what didnt burn down in Woodbury and like the book series restore it or restore the prison or just escape and meet a new group and they get of atlanta

As soon as Glenn decided he no longer needed the polaroid shot of Maggie, that sealed his fate IMHO

It's a zombie apocalypse. How much more of a story do you really need? I bet you'll make an argument and say something like, "to keep an audience fully connected, they need more than walkers..." Honestly tell me that if there were a zombie apocalypse, you and your friends would be worried about 'story'.

Hershel's death was furthering the story. He was the voice of reason. Killing him symbolizes humanity isn't what it used to be. Yes. Yes. Obviously humanity is different...Zombies. Stop being simple minded!

As Rick said, "We can all change..."

But humanity is lost, the evidence is clearly shown in Carl, The Claimers, and The Terminites.

Perhaps Glenn is tainted meat. That'd leave Negen's introduction to take place against Daryll, which will be much harder on non comic reads than if it happened to Glenn.

Excuse me? I'm well aware of the 'point' of Herschel's death, thank you very much. I don't need some random internet commenter to explain basic story telling to me.

Since the premise of the show - watching a society that's fallen apart and everyone die - doesn't interest me, I stopped watching. If the show had a purpose I might be willing to stick with it but since it follows pretty much the same premise as the comic there's no point.

And if there were a zombie apocalypse, 'me and my friends' would have discussed where would be the safest place to head - the coast, a hill, some kind of army base - and started out for that. Is that a 'story'? No, it's a purpose. It's a destination. Stop being so simple minded.

Everyone needs a purpose; even characters in a story.

You made my exact point. You and your friends would have a purpose, not a story. The characters themselves are concerned with survival, first and foremost. This would resemble what a post apocalyptic world would be.

As far as the story goes, it doesn't need to be sugar coated. It's a story of family, humanity, faith and survival. Complex isn't always better. Simplicity can be the key to good storytelling.

The ratings won't suffer if every critical fan stops watching. True fans... like me, know a good thing when it comes along.

Sorry if I offended you. Jesus Christ, it's just the internet. Everyone has a valid opinion.

But on a side note... why are you looking up walking dead news if you're 'done with the show'?

I can see both sides of the argument, but lee seriously, why are you still reading walking dead news?? Stop being so butthurt!!!

Actually, Maggie decided that Glen didn't need the polaroid, as he had her.

Actually you do need just that.
Clichés are clichés, because they are true so I have one for you - It ain't about the destination, it's about the journey.
Personally, I like to think of LeeJS as that guy that Glenn had to rope, and drag out of the well.

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