The Walking Dead season 5 first photo

News Louisa Mellor 14 May 2014 - 07:42

A dishevelled Rick Grimes is our first official look at The Walking Dead's fifth season...

Contains potential spoilers for The Walking Dead season five.

Here's our official proof that Rick Grimes, Rick Grimes' mucky beard, and Rick Grimes' expression of cold determination will all be appearing in The Walking Dead's fifth season. Phew.

Not a great deal else can be gleaned from this first look at the new season, released by AMC ahead of October's premiere. It seems as if there won't be a significant time gap between the season four finale and the season five opener, and we're probably safe to assume that the shower and laundry facilities at Terminus aren't quite five star. Then again, personal grooming wouldn't necessarily be your top priority were you trapped in a pit of The Walking Dead's purple people-eaters...  


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All my favourite shows had really strong episodes this week, but they are all also almost at their season finales and then the loooong wait starts. Then TWD will be the first to return, so it's going to be a sad few months. Anyone want to recommend any good shows starting from July?

Ohhh, DOG you little tease!

He's actually starting to seem like rick from the comics. Cool beans

poor Rick, locked in that container for months....

Orange is the new black season 2 starts June 6, just enough time to catch up

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