The Walking Dead first season 5 poster

Poster Louisa Mellor 2 Apr 2014 - 07:35

"Survive" is the bleak imperative of the very first poster for The Walking Dead's fifth season...

The single imperative on this first season five poster for The Walking Dead takes Rick Grimes right back to the pilot. All that time ago, finding his family and making sure they survive was the character's only goal. Variously over the past four seasons, other ambitions have piled on to that first instinct - creating a safe haven, building a sustainable new life, finding a way to raise his children with morals in a world of senseless violence... 

Now though, trapped in Terminus, Rick returns to his original, single aim: survive (whilst crouching moodily in shafts of sunlight).

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Excited for Season 5! I think Terminus will be revealed as a cannibal nest, so many clues on show unless we are being sold a twist. We will lose some people there, though I suspect Rick, Michonne, Carl and Daryl will be 'off the table' (pun intended). I think Beth is now with a character from the comic books called Father Gabriel Stokes and it will be her and somehow Carole (best character) and Tyreese who make it to the Alexandria Safe Zone then mount an attempt to rescue the survivors at Terminus. That will bring us nicely to the end of Season 5 and set up Season 6 to introduce the different settlements at war in the comic book and the next big bad... NEGAN!

willy2fly - that post should be marked as a spoiler!

spoiler !!! theres no question about cannibals ? did you see all those bones and bloody remains in the place ! that werent no zombie attack that was slice and dice.the finale was a abit of a wimper and not a bang,but am intrested into where season 5 will go !

surviving is easier when you have a gun. the poster shows that he has one, but I don't remember him having one when we left him in the container.

As much as I love The Walking Dead... Rick looks as though he's about to take a wary dump.

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