The Walking Dead: new season 5 regulars announced

News Louisa Mellor 1 Apr 2014 - 07:45

3 new characters in The Walking Dead's 4th season will be returning as regulars in season 5. Find out which, here...

Contains spoilers for The Walking Dead season 4.

If you were amongst the millions who watched The Walking Dead's season four finale, then you'll know it left Rick and co. in something of a predicament. Trapped in the mythologised Terminus, a place that, as many had suspected, isn't what it was cracked up to be, the season left us with a major cliffhanger. Comics creator Robert Kirkman has promised that Terminus' dark, layered history will be explored in season five, which will reveal "how these people came to be".

A key character in the Terminus story is leader Gareth (Andrew J. West, below), one of three season four newcomers to have been promoted to season five regulars.

Also returning for season five will be Rosita (Christian Serratos), who first appeared in The Walking Dead as a member of Abraham's Army.

And finally, Alanna Masteron's Tara, a member of the Governor's short-lived new family in the fourth series, will be joining Gareth and Rosita as a season regular in the new run.

Read our spoiler-filled review of the season four finale, here.

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So, Gareth is the 'Big Bad' i guess for series 5. What about Abraham and Eugene? They aren't regulars???

Does that confirm that Abraham and Eugene are beefburgers very soon?

I wouldn't jump to conclusions. They might become regulars and just haven't been announced. Knowing the comics, both Abraham and Eugene still have stories which need telling. However, this doesn't guarantee anything. We'll have to wait and see.

I can't take seriously any bad guy named Gareth.

Have you got a problem?

It's not a villainous name and it doesn't help that he looks like a vegan hipster :)

But you see that's the point

Gustavo Fring doesn't look very scary but I knew he was a lunatic just from the way he behaved. I wasn't disappointed.

(Breaking Bad)

have a pretty good prediction of whats going to happen at the beginning of next season, since tyreese doesn't have a daughter in the tv show its pretty obvious that the one getting killed is tyreese's sister sasha, how? trying to save bob ( since sasha and bob are having some kind of romance) and they're both going to die, and then I'm sure tyreese is going to kill gareth the same way he kills chris in the comics (choking him to death) ... its just a prediction

Since the fate of the Hunters was followed pretty faithfully from the comics in S4 finale, I think that the S5 cannibal story will be also. Sasha and Bob may die (although to be really spot on one of them would have to be bitten, then have his leg eaten, only to crow to the cannibals that they are eating "tainted meat!") but when Rick and the others turn the tables on them, they will proceed to capture and then dismember alive each of the bad guys, while the others watch and wait for their turn. However I don't see how a character with that fate can have a series regular status.

all vegan hipsters are bet he has his human with a side of couscous

Since Vegans don't eat animal products, can he be vegan and cannibal? xD

Could be wrong, but was Eugene missing from the train car?

Well being a vegan hipster, he eats meats ironically.

I think he was there. I remember doing a quick head count and didn't notice anyone missing.

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