The Walking Dead: new season 4 finale posters

News Louisa Mellor 27 Mar 2014 - 07:32

Carol, Glenn, and Beth have their own posters for The Walking Dead's season 4 finale, asking who will survive?

It's fair to say that anticipation is high for The Walking Dead's season four finale. Terminus is dangling over the gang's heads, but is it really the promised land, or something much, much darker?

"Who will arrive?" was the first question asked in the season four finale poster of Rick, Carl and Michonne, but for Carol's promo image, the question has changed. It's now, "Who will survive?". Melissa McBride has played a blinder this season. Is even she safe from the season finale curse? Or is Steven Yeun's Glenn, the other character to feature in the Terminus poster series, the one who needs to watch his back? Or what about darling Beth?

The Walking Dead airs on AMC on Sunday nights and on Monday nights on Fox.

The Walking Dead

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I sincerely hope they all die. Even Daryl. Sorry Daryl.

We know Glen arrives, we saw him at the end of the last episode.

Fecking hate Carl and he seems like hes a big part of the finale. Feck sake, at least i have the comics i suppose.

Carl is one of my favourites. Well compared to the rest anyway, the show has never been about likeable people that's for sure, Michonne has pretty much been the only likeable character for quite a while now.

He deserves to die for spending too much time searching for hair dye instead of food.

Don't know what it is, kid just annoys me. I can't really think of any character i actually liked before abraham showed.

I watch the show because I like the characters. I'm not typically a fan of horror or zombie themed films but my fiance got me watching because he said that I'd like the characters. That's what kept me watching. I guess to each his/her own.

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