The Walking Dead season 4 finale poster

Poster Louisa Mellor 24 Mar 2014 - 07:55

Who will arrive, asks this season four Walking Dead poster. Not everyone's going to make it to Terminus...

When press preview access is withheld for an episode of a show, you can be fairly certain that something happens in it that the creators don't want to get out early. When it comes to a finale for The Walking Dead, it's not a bad bet that the something in question will involve death, gore, and potentially, the removal of a long-standing character. 

"Who will arrive?" is the question asked by this season four finale poster, suggesting that in next week's episode, not everybody makes it to Terminus...

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My guess; Darryl gets killed trying to save Rick from the bandits.

Yep that's what I told my wife. Joe gets him. Makes sense, especially if Beth is at the barbecue. So they both die.

i think michonne will die protecting carl.


I think you'll all want salad next week.

be nice if rick died, the most boring leading man ever

Maybe they'll all die. And that's the end of The Walking Dead Boring.

Am I the only person still loving this show?

Michonne gets it I say

The Walking Dead must be deathly dull for the JJ crowd. For the rest of us, who don't mind a little pacing in our story-telling it's a riveting slow-burning page-turner.
Hey kids - go see some older movies ( hell, even some old Thunderbird shows) to see how it used to be done before everything needed a plot twist/explosion/laser battle every 3 mins.

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