New pictures from The Walking Dead season 4b

News Louisa Mellor 5 Feb 2014 - 17:25

The Walking Dead returns for the second half of season 4 in just a few days. Here's a look at some new episode images...

After is the first returning episode of The Walking Dead's fourth season, written by Robert Kirkman and directed by the masterful Greg Nicotero. Below are a selection of pictures from the midseason opener, courtesy of Entertainment Weekly. 

You'll see a glimpse of Glenn in combat gear, and later, in what looks like real trouble. Daryl is armed, Michonne is once again in the company of her undead protectors, Carl is breaking and entering, and Rick is, well, looking just a bit unhinged. Business as usual.

The Walking Dead returns to AMC on Sunday the 9th of February and to Fox in the UK on Monday the 10th. Read our spoiler-filled reviews of the fourth season so far, here.

Entertainment Weekly

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"Daryl is armed" nicely played for the fangirls Den of Geek

Looking at the picture of Daryl, the first thing I thought was why the hell has Daryl fashioned himself a head band made out if grass? Has he finally flipped!? Will he be shoving a pencil up each nostril and be wondering around saying Wibble? Will he be opening up a can of rage induced, psychopathic, zombie-smashing whup ass?

Then I realised that it was just part of the bush that he's stood behind. Bugger.

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