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News Louisa Mellor 27 Jan 2014 - 07:44

See what Michonne and Carl are getting up to in a couple of new photos from The Walking Dead's fourth season...

Returning to AMC in the US on Sunday the 9th of February and just hours later here in the UK on Fox on Monday the 10th is The Walking Dead's fourth season.

The back half of the season kicks off with After, an episode written by Robert Kirkman and directed by make-up and special effects master, Greg Nicotero, which sees Rick "dealing with old wounds as the members of the prison have to come to terms with their new environment and ask themselves if survival alone is enough". Here are a couple of stills from the episode:

First up is Michonne, having recruited a couple of new Walker pets:

Then comes the most messed-up kid on television, ladies and gentlemen, we give you, Carl Grimes:


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I'm glad some of the characters are back on the road. I think the show always works best when the characters are visiting new places and don't know if there's anything lurking in the shadows.

I agree, the first few episodes of series 4 were cock numbingly dull! Will be good to see them out and about as a group, a'la series 1 + 2!

What'd you guys land here in? The Starship Phallic Bird Thing?

Ok, never mind, bad joke. One thing's for sure. People gon die!

In the comics, following their escape from the prison, Rick and Carl hole up in an abandoned home, and Rick is either injured or sick (I can't remember which right now). Point is that he passes out and Carl has to face the very real possibility that he is going to die - there is one point when he regains consciousness and Carl thinks he may have become a Walker and nearly shoots him.

Before that though, all alone for the first time, Carl ventures out to look for food and runs into a couple of Walkers. He survives (obviously) but it is pretty much a test of fire for him in his own coming of age arc and to date one of my favorite stand-alone stories. The above picture of Carl sitting down and Rick passed out on the couch behind him may well be an adaptation of that story. The thing is though, in the comic Carl (at that point) is about 10 years old and has been protected by those around him. Carl in the show is a lot older and is a proven warrior, so I don't know how the same story would have the same impact. I guess I will let the creative team do their job though, since they have done pretty well so far.

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