The Walking Dead renewed for season 5

Review Louisa Mellor 29 Oct 2013 - 17:23

Hurrah! It looks as though AMC has ordered another season of The Walking Dead...

The season four premiere numbers being what they were, few can be surprised that The Walking Dead has been commissioned for a fifth season (especially in light of AMC's Breaking Bad leaving us this year, and Mad Men following suit in 2015).

New head honcho Scott Gimple has won the approval of fans with the latest hugely tense, eventful episodes, so fingers crossed AMC has finally found a showrunner they can build a future with. 

There are no real details on the fifth season order as yet, but Variety reports it's a cert, which is good enough for us. We'll bring you more as it arrives.

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BEST SHOW EVER actually it's not. Not even close.

Dear god no!!!!! Why Why Why??? Please let this end. 4 Seasons in and we still don't have an actual story!! I admit Season 4 has been better, but nothing changes the fact that nothing has actually "happened"'s too little, too late as far as I'm concerned. How long are they gonna stretch out the "survival of people we don't care about"? How bout they tell us how the first people turned to Walkers, or if any government officials are still alive...something....anything? How 'bout a "Lost" style flashback for some of these characters so we know what they were doing when the first people turned? This show looks good visually, but lacks any real writing talent whatsoever. What a wasted opportunity. This show could be so much more in the hands of good writers. It seems to me that this is the first time any of them has ever written professionally. I mean......if they can't think of an actual story, how 'bout they create some 3 dimensional characters that we actually like?!?! Then we'd be less likely to notice that they have no clue what they're doing.

Perhaps I overreacted. Let me clarify: this is the BEST. SHOW. EVER. That's not the Sopranos. And no I haven't watched Whedon's shows or Breaking Bad. Or Lost. Or Game of Thrones, True Blood, Dexter, Arliss, the Star Trek with Scott Bakula, Star Gate, Lamar and Khloe, or a whole host of shows. But no show has gotten me this excited since Sopranos, which I watched with my wife. And arrested development, in my bachelor days.

Fair enough. As you can tell from my post, I'm quite angry with this show right now. :)

Many more people aren't tho. I think it's awesome tense and uncompromising at its best.

It has improved slightly this season, but in the hands of better writers it'd be a far better show.

Just read it, and yeah you are lol. Well I doubt I can change your mind. I just like zombies and their survivors, I guess

In your opinion.

Sorry, but this show is the most inconsistently written show I've ever seen. When it's good it's great, but when it's bad it's so bad.

Dude, I love The Walking Dead, but you've GOT to watch Breaking Bad!!

It is just phenomenal.

To think just a month ago I was deciding whether to watch it, how glad am I for taking the plunge!!

I had the pre-last-episode-marathon of the whole show all set to record on dvr... didn't record one episode. So now I have to buy it. And buy it I will, but probably when TWD season 4 finishes. My job is very demanding, but I think I can watch the whole show between TWD seasons 4 and 5.

Feel free to stop watching. I quite like the things that happen in this show. It's as realistic as a show about a zombie plague can be. Why do we want to know how it all started? It would be unlikely that the characters in the show would ever find out, so why should we? It's an artificially created virus/bacteria (T-virus style), a naturally occurring mutated virus/bacteria/fungus (The Last of Us style) or retribution from god (Biblical style). Would knowing any of those make the show more interesting to you?
As for characters you like... Daryl? Carol? Maggie? Glen? The Governor? I like them all and consider it "realistic" that they haven't got a clue what they're doing.

Good Wife reference FTW

I could not agree more. The lack of imagination in the writing is obvious. My biggest gripe: The are living in a prison. Really? There are pleasant gated communities in Florida available, with swimming pools, clean towels, ocean views, and orange trees in the back yard. How about moving into Oprah's mansion? It's available. But no... Living in a Prison?,....I can't stop laughing at this dud of a show....

I posted another reply, but it is awaiting moderation coz I posted a link in it. I still watch because I'm invested and it used to be consistently good (Season 1). The long and the short is that while you bring up some interesting points that I agree with, Jamsplodge, that type of "keeping the viewer in the dark thing" thing only works for a season or 2. After 4 Seasons, I want some sort of a story that stretches beyond Grade 2 storytelling....some answers....anything...just a little bit at a time.....yes of course I want to know WTF is happening? Don't you? I love actual stories. If a show is absent of good storytelling, then it had better have good characters to pull us through......and I'm sorry, but I could care less about any of these characters...for the most part, they're all so one-dimensional. Anyway, please await my full post whenever they release it.

I don't get it. If you hate it so much, stop watching and stop laughing at this "dud of a show". Don't you have better things to do with your time that slate things other people like. I don't like bananas but I don't go on about it all the bloody time.

That's a damn shame my friend, that's how I caught up with it all.

I hope you enjoy it as it truly is amazing, without trying to go over the top.. Ha.

But The Walking Dead is still a cracking show! Just a shame Shane had to go waaay back in season 2.

Rick could never lead the revolution if Che Guev-, uh, Shane, is constantly trying to pull the Ricktatorship right out from under his feet. Really good performance by Jon Bernthal by the way. He should be Ares in the MCU.

I know 'WTF is happening.' Zombies. The whole thing sort of assumes you know the rules, are on board, and are interested in seeing what happens after your favourite zombie film ends. It's not Lost - if you're after a revelation or solution then you're never going to be satisfied - it simply keeps going as long as there's a human left. Admittedly, there's limited interest in that as long as the characters stay living in a budget-friendly metaphor, and constant replacement of showrunners has made it uneven at best, but if they can settle on a single hand at the rudder then there's the opportunity for something really special. Need to kill off Rick though to truly test it.

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