Moody new promo for The Walking Dead season 3

Trailer Louisa Mellor 23 Jan 2013 - 08:09

Rick faces some ponderous choices in the next episode of The Walking Dead's third season, due to arrive in the US on the 10th of February...

"He wants a war? He's got one"

There's just over a fortnight until we rejoin The Walking Dead for the conclusion to its impressive third season, which has done everything possible to distance itself from the slow-paced, conversation-heavy second run. 

Made To Suffer, the mid-season finale, lit the blue touch paper on a number of the show's conflicts and stood well back. While the battle lines are now firmly drawn between Woodbury and the prison 'terrorists' and between Michonne and the Governor, it's harder to predict the outcome of other pairings, those of the Dixon brothers, Andrea and her beau, Michonne and the Ricktocracy...

This latest promo trailer for episode 3.9 The Suicide King, provides a spoiler-y glimpse at what to expect, to the tune of Jamie N. Commons' Lead Me Home.


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You know, your endless description of series 2 as 'slow' or 'too talky' is a bit annoying. Ever heard of tension? To my mind S2 has been the strongest run so far, you can't have non-stop action with no character development otherwise you're in cartoon land.

I agree with Bob. Too much of a fast-paced action focus risks losing the characterisation needed to make the action matter.

Also, I thought the 1st two seasons did a wonderful job of judging what to include and what to drop from the comic. This season seems to have made at least one thematic slip-up by placing the 'Rick blowing his top over the others daring to question the decisions he makes to keep them safe' AFTER the introduction of the Governor. In the comics the whole point of the Governor arc is that it slowly gets hinted that he started off very much like Rick, but was surrounded by people who DIDN'T question the means taken to keep them safe. I'm happy for the TV show to deviate from the comics, but reversing the order of events seems to suck the character arc out of the plot.

I agree with Bob as well. I'm sick of seeing Season 2 criticised. It has been the best season so far. I find it very odd that a couple of slow episodes in the first half, have overshadowed what, on the whole, was a perfectly good season. The last 4 episodes of Season 2 are better than anything in Season 3 so far... and Episode 7 'Pretty Much Dead Already' is arguably the best of the entire series.

I also agree that they've really rushed Season 3, as a reaction to the criticism Season 2 received. It's been almost non-stop action, particularly at the prison.

The criticisms of Season 2, while understood, were totally overstated. As others have said, it provided time for character development and let's face it, it had some fine episodes in it. The pace of Season 3 is without a doubt, very much a knee-jerk reaction to S2. Shame really.

Personally, I think the problem was that the 2/3 slow episodes were all in a row. I think episodes 4,5 and 6 are the ones most people seem to have a problem with. Admittedly they are quite slow and there isn't much action (especially 4 and 6). Plus, the fact that watching them as they aired (having to wait a week between episodes), makes it seem like the 'boring period' went on a lot longer than it actually did.

However, i'm convinced if people went back and watched Season 2 through, it wouldn't be half as boring as they seem to remember.

Season 2 was originally all abut character development, no doubt. Hell, it's what I was hoping for. But IMO, they couldn't even do that right. It was sloppy. I still don't particularly care for half the cast. I don't think the writers were up to the task.

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