AMC names new showrunner for The Walking Dead

News Louisa Mellor
15 Jan 2013 - 05:51

Supervising producer Scott Gimple is the showrunner to replace Glen Mazzara on The Walking Dead's fourth season...

AMC giveth, and it taketh away. With the confirmation that The Walking Dead had been granted a fourth season arrived news that Glen Mazzara, whose incumbency as showrunner coincided with a marked increase in fan satisfaction, was to leave. Mazzara will see out the remaining half of the current season, but owing to a reported "difference of opinion" about how best to approach the fourth season, that'll be his lot.

You won't need reminding that going toe to toe with showrunners is fast becoming AMC's speciality, after the inauspicious removal of TWD's original creative boss, Frank Darabont, halfway through season two, and the network's extended 'negotiations' with Mad Men's Matthew Weiner which led to an eighteen-month hiatus between seasons four and five. 

Picking up the mantle for Mazzara on The Walking Dead season four will be supervising producer Scott Gimple, who currently has five episode writing credits to his name: season two's Save The Last OnePretty Much Dead Already and 18 Miles Out (the latter co-written with Mazzara), in addition to season three's Hounded and forthcoming penultimate instalment This Sorrowful Life. Gimple also provided the screenplay for 2011's Nic Cage extravaganza, Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance.

The Walking Dead season three returns to AMC on Sunday the 10th of February with episode nine, The Suicide King.


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