The Walking Dead's first two seasons in B&W anyone?

News Louisa Mellor
14 Dec 2012 - 12:15

As homage to Robert Kirkman's comics, AMC is to air converted B&W versions of The Walking Dead's first eighteen episodes...

While the rest of the world natters on about Peter Jackson's experiments in the future of cinematic formats, AMC has decided to take a step back into TV's past with plans to air the first two seasons of The Walking Dead entirely in black & white.

It's not a nod to vintage telly of course, but homage to Robert Kirkman's monochrone comic book series.

During July's The Walking Dead marathon, the network trialled a b&w-converted version of Frank Darabont's hugely impressive pilot, which went down well enough to warrant them converting the lot and re-running the first eighteen episodes of the show sans hues.

The b&w run is due to start on the network in February, the month that also welcomes the return of season three, which kicks off on Sunday the 10th with the first of eight new episodes, entitled The Suicide King.


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