New clip from The Walking Dead season 3

News Louisa Mellor 9 Jul 2012 - 08:10

See season 3 newcomer Danai Gurira slice-and-dice some zombie folk in this brand new clip from the third season of AMC's The Walking Dead...

This story contains spoilers.

Some of our US chums will be emerging blinking into the daylight today after spending the weekend indulging in a 19-episode The Walking Dead marathon, courtesy of AMC.

Tucked in amongst the story-so-far recap were a few treats, including a B&W screening of the show's now-famed pilot episode (as homage to comic book artist Robert Kirkman), a tour of the new prison set, and this glimpse of season 3 newcomer Michonne in zombie-slicing action.

Amongst the cast and crew interviews, Laurie Holden (Andrea on the show), was full of praise for her new co-star Danai Gurira, describing her character Michonne as "...awesome. She's sexy. She's a badass." Producing legend Gale Anne Hurd agreed, calling Gurira "really impressive, and she brings the character to life." San Diego ComicCon-goers will be able to get a little taste of Michonne at The Walking Dead booth, where they'll be able to take part in a recreation of a scene with the new character and her "pets".

David Morrissey assured audiences that "...people are going to be blown away" by his new character, The Governor, about whom producer Glen Mazzara said "...he thinks he's the Messiah." He's not, as readers of the comics will know, though he is a very naughty boy.

Actor Chandler Riggs told viewers that his character Carl was "...growing up. He's definitely not a kid anymore [...] He's more of a solder, more part of the group."

And finally, producer David Alpert left fans with the following promise for season three: "We're going to kill so many people [...] people that you care about and love". Cripes.


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I know she's a fan favourite in the comics, but Michonne looks and behaves so ridiculously in this clip, that she ruins the tone of the TV show.Hey just my view.

I couldn't agree more. Really shockingly poor!

ffs they have turned the show into the comic what a shame

Its one clip - lets reserve judgement for now

U dumbass it was a comic before it was a show! lmao

you dumbass wilko said they turned the show into THE comic meaning the show is becoming too much like the comic. read before you comment.

I commented on the CLIP.Is it alright if I comment in the comment section that's designed to leave comments?

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