The Venture Bros. season 5 episode 5 review: Momma's Boys

Review Kaci Ferrell
9 Jul 2013 - 06:50

The Venture Bros. delivers a rare, disappointing episode this week. Here's Kaci's review of Momma's Boys...

This review contains spoilers.

5.5 Momma's Boys

If I had to pick one word to describe this week's episode of The Venture Bros., it would be "random." Sometimes random is good  - this show, in particular, excels at taking a mishmash of things that fundamentally should not work together and somehow creating a cohesive narrative out of it  - but I'm not entirely sure it worked this time. 

Well, one aspect of it didn't work, anyway. 

I'll just be blunt about it: the entire Teddy storyline just didn't work for me. Oh, I can believe that if you gave Doc the opportunity to talk to someone, however fictional, he'd leap at the chance and even believe that they were real, and I definitely like the use of the bear from when the boys subjected Doc to "torture," but somehow the whole, "Doc goes into a panic after not hearing from Ted and somehow doesn't realize that By Golly Gulch isn't a real place and insists that Hatred take him there," thing just fell flat for me. I'm not sure I can suspend my disbelief that far, and even if I can, I just didn't find it funny. 

In fact, I didn't find much to laugh at in the other storyline of the episode, either, but because it advances the plot in an intriguing way, I don't mind as much. For those of you who missed the episode, the basic rundown is that Hank, Gary, Dermott, and H.E.L.P.eR pretend to be supervillains so that they can get arrested and sent to a mental institution where they believe the person who provided the voice of Teddy is currently residing. Dermott and H.E.L.P.eR get sent to jail, where Dermott successfully calls Dr. Orpheus to their aid... because Dr. Orpheus "mistakes" him for a Venture. Dermott takes a mostly disbelieving tone to this, even jokingly calling Doc "dad" as he leaves at the end of the episode, but from Doc's reaction (not to mention Dean's), it's hard to believe he'll be able to lie his way out of that one with the boys. 

Meanwhile, Dean has begun contact with Myra, whom the boys believe to be their mother. But after meeting with her in the prison where she's currently being held, she uses Dean to escape and head to the mental institution to meet up with the rest of her "Momma's Boys." There, she plans to use two of her "boys" to de-age Dean to a newborn so that she can "finally give birth" to him. Her wording makes the boys realize that she is not, in fact, their mother, and Doc confirms this at the end of the episode, saying that he let her believe she was since he needed the day care. 

So what have we learned? Well... nothing. We have more questions than we did to begin with. Now that we know Myra isn't Hank and Dean's mother, the big question is: who is? Do they even have a mother? Science is reaching a place in our world where we're able to create viable embryos out of the DNA of three people; it's not implausible to believe that in this fictional world, Doc somehow managed to create the boys in a... well, less than traditional fashion. 

And what about Dermott's parentage? Hatred knows now, Orpheus probably has a good guess, and it looked like Dean had come to the realization at the end of the episode, too. Will Doc have finally confessed by the time the next episode begins? How will everyone deal with this information? 

Only time will tell, I guess, but I have to be honest with you and admit that this was the first episode of this season that I haven't completely, truly loved. That said, even the absolute worst episode of The Venture Bros. is still pretty good, so take that with a grain of salt. 

The Geekiest Moments of the Week! (even though they were a little lacking in this episode): 

"G.Y.P.O., I'm F.O.L., code nine, T.T.Y.L. That's,  'Get your pants off, I'm fond of leather, a parent or guardian is near, I'll talk to you later,' in sexting language. Daddy is hip to it." - Doc, decoding our young people chatspeak.

"I was over crafting when I was seven. Not including customizing my Zoid Liger model. Obviously." - Gary, being... well, Gary.

"Oh, I'm sorry. Was my appearing from thin air and putting everyone to sleep a disappointment? You see that kind of magical fun constantly, I assume? Not cool enough for you?" - Orpheus, facing the troubles of living in a world full of super villains and heroes.

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