The Venture Bros. season 5 episode 5 review: O.S.I. Love You

Review Kaci Ferrell 2 Jul 2013 - 07:30

The Venture Bros. is setting the bar high for TV writers everywhere, argues Kaci. Here's her review of O.S.I. Love You...

This review contains spoilers.

5.5 O.S.I. Love You

Attention virtually all writers everywhere: this is how you do serialized plots. This is how you provide ongoing development and foreshadowing and resolution. Jackson Publick just threw the gauntlet at the feet of every single television writer out there and to say that I am left speechless is an understatement. But it's my job to come up with words for what just happened, so endeavour I shall. But you'll have to forgive me if my review doesn't quite live up to the source material; some things must be experienced to truly be comprehended. 

This week's episode furthers several of the show's ongoing storylines: first and foremost is that of Brock and Molotov's twisted, complicated, untrustworthy situation. The episode deals us a look into the escape of Mol and her most recent paramour, Monstroso. After being apprehended after the events in the season four finale, the two then promptly escape while being transported by the O.S.I. Monstroso appears to have fallen to his death at the hands of The Investors, but this is the Venture Bros we're talking about, so the odds are definitely in your favour if you're betting that he'll be back at some point. No body, no death. 

Molotov, on the other hand, manages to kill half of the O.S.I. agents on board, steal Hank's strength suit (the fact that they managed to make it believable he'd keep wearing the suit for these last few episodes just so that they could have her steal it now is one of the best hiding-in-plain-sight plot devices I've seen in a long time), and then finally come to a one-on-one confrontation with Brock. One-on-one, at least, right up until Hunter shows up, informs Brock that, as a mercenary, Mol can be bought, and she is, at least for now, on the O.S.I.'s side. Having just had his mind blown, Brock reluctantly agrees to this logic, then helps fake Molotov's death by throwing the empty strength suit into a whirring blade of the plane. 

And then we learn that the O.S.I. headquarters agents that have been interviewing our heroes were actually The Investors in disguise. Where this is going is anyone's guess: do they believe that Molotov is really dead? What about Monstroso? Why did they need this information from the O.S.I.? Who actually are The Investors, anyway? What will the O.S.I. do with their new information about The Sovereign not really being David Bowie (raise your hand if you were a little bit disappointed by that reveal) and the Guild actually being controlled by the Council of Thirteen? Why is it not Sunday yet? 

Also in this episode: we learn that Hatred's breasts are not the result of Doc's mutations in the premiere, but actually a bad reaction to the combination of the Super Soldier serum he was given in the past and his anti-paedophilia medicine; Dean takes pity on two precognitives and sets them free after over-relating to their situation; we finally learned how and why Brock killed Mol's father; Shore Leave and The Alchemist are still dating; and Hank has apparently been wearing the strength suit night and day, which has resulted in severe atrophy of his limbs from disuse of the muscles. 

Geekiest Moments of the Week! 

"Molostro?" "Yeah, it's my celebrity couple name for them." - Brock and Shore Leave, basically talking about shipping. 

Molotov being rolled aboard on a cart similar to the one Hannibal Lecter is on in The Silence of the Lambs. 

The Minority Report parody scene with the precogs. 

"What are you, a frickin' superhero?" "It's all part of the job, man. Plus, I was pissed." - Brock, finally accounting for his apparent superhuman ability to take a pounding. 

"We made out like Spider-Man and Mary Jane. What do you think happened?" - Brock, who has clearly been spending too much time with both Hank and Shore Leave because apparently he's got both his geek t-shirt and sassy pants on today.

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"That's like giving dynamite to a Grendel!"

You forgot to add that RAD quote from Hunter. ;)

Oh, you're totally right! That one definitely makes the geeky cut.

This one goes straight to my own top 3 episodes of Venture Bros, just fantastic all the way through, from Brock looking like Marv from Sin City with the plasters, to the very first meeting between Brock and Molotov (Brolotov, Molock?) and the ingenious character designs (Tank Top and Bum Rush in particular). It almost felt like a season finale with 5 seasons of backstory pay offs and setting up for the future - Investors, Sovereign revelations (hand raised), Deans little snipes and growing rebellion and it had no Gary or Monarch so their stories still have a long way to go this season :-) What more can you want from a show: great jokes, action, editing(the Misters' cutting between questions to different characters, I'm looking at you) and sheer geek pleasure. Oh and they even throw in a Dirty Dancing quote. I'm still confused why I liked that so much or even noticed it in the first place lol P.S. Keep up with the reviews Kaci, great to see this show getting the love and attention it deserves :-D

I think "Bum Rush" has got to be up there with "Brick Frog" for the best background character theme names.

Definitely agreed. All of the ones in this episode were pretty darn spectacular.

Now that you mention it, you're totally really did feel like a finale almost. And if we're only five episodes into the season and they're already delivering something of that caliber, I can't even imagine what we're in for by the end of the season.

Thanks! I totally will, and I definitely agree: I feel like it's so hard to find other people who watch this show, so I will just keep blogging about it until more people get curious and start watching it. :D

"We finally learned how and why Brock killed Mol's father"

Her father was the coach in the flashback? I must have missed that.

Yeah, there was a line about how Brock was sent to kill the coach and he didn't realize that Molotov was an agent on her first mission (it was his first mission, too) and had been trained by her father. And then you see him kill her dad with the javelin and her looking horrified.

I hadn't even remembered we needed an answer to that until they gave it to us!

Am I the only person who gets the title reference? No one's mentioned it yet.

Oh Samson I Love You?

Glad to have found this, that was one of my favorite episodes. The Venture Bros is seriously one of the best written shows on TV. Not just out of all the animated shows but all shows.

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