The Venture Bros. season 5 episode 4 review: Spanakopita!

Review Kaci Ferrell
24 Jun 2013 - 16:00

The Venture Bros. gang takes a trip to Greece this week. Here's Kaci's review of Spanakopita!

This review contains spoilers.

5.4 Spanakopita!

It is a testament to how depressing Rusty Venture's life is that for most of this episode, something felt... off to me and it wasn't until it was explicitly spelled out that I realized what it was: Rusty was happy. Seeing Doc happy for so long of a stretch of time was so absolutely bizarre to watch that for awhile, it honestly didn't feel like the same character. Once I realized why, I mostly just felt sad. Your friendly neighbourhood reviewer: getting overly invested in fictional characters since 1986. 

This week's episode centers on Rusty, Hatred, Billy, and Pete going on vacation to Greece for a festival called "Spanakopita," which includes some pretty bizarre traditions that make no cultural sense. Hatred naturally becomes suspicious, but a quick call to Brock tells him that he should stop asking questions and just let Rusty be happy. (A moment of silence for how much Brock cares for the entire Venture family.) 

Hatred, however, can't let a sleeping dog lie, and presses forward in his quest for the truth, only to find out that Spanakopita only exists because the islanders once kidnapped Rusty as a child and, after three days without a response from Jonas, felt so bad for him that they made up the festival to cheer him up. When Rusty showed back up on the island twenty years later wanting to celebrate the festival again, they revived the made-up games and have celebrated it yearly ever since. 

Elsewhere, Billy and Pete are dealing with their (mostly Billy's) arch enemy, Augustus St. Cloud, as he tries to ruin their vacation. After buying his way to win most of the games, he then captures the both of them and ties them to the ground shortly before sunrise. This is mostly a concern for Pete, whose albino complexion is not dealing with Greece as well as one would hope, but luckily their escape is helped by St. Cloud's personal ninja, also an albino, who aids their escape out of albino fraternity. Billy once again conquers his arch enemy by returning with both Pete and the drachmas required to win the Spanakopita games. 

I have to admit that I am loving the antagonism between Billy and St. Cloud. After all these years, it's nice to get to see how someone other than a Venture reacts to being arched. And it absolutely must be said that Billy is doing quite well on his own at beating his nemesis at his own game. 

That said, raise your hand if you were really hoping for more info on the photograph this week. Teases, Doc and Jackson. You are teases, the both of you. 

And now: 

Geekiest Moments of the Week! 

"Billy, you practically turned feral the last time our cable went out." - Pete, because admit it: you've been there. 

"You gotta leave a bare patch when you put the zinc on." "Please, that is a total myth!" "It is not! What, you've never seen Goldfinger?" - Pete and Billy, who apparently have never seen the Mythbusters episode wherein they solved this debate once and for all. 

"This isn't Icarus! You've got the wrong myth!" - Billy, showing his inner mythology geek. Although honestly, Billy's entire Clash of the Titans dream is a thing of pure geeky delight.

"This thing is like a floating Planet Hollywood." "Selfish prick. At least Planet Hollywood is open to the public." - Pete and Billy, who seriously carried the geek factor in this episode.

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