Runtime and schedule for The Time Of The Doctor confirmed

News Simon Brew 3 Dec 2013 - 15:48

The Doctor Who Christmas special is back in a more traditional slot, as the BBC announces the schedule for Matt Smith's farewell episode...

With The Day Of The Doctor still being rewatched fairly regularly we'd wager, the Doctor Who team have the small matter of Matt Smith's final episode (for now) to come, and Peter Capaldi's formal introduction to the role of the Time Lord, in the upcoming Christmas special.

We already know that this one is called The Time Of The Doctor, and a 10-second preview was shown after The Day Of The Doctor last month. The BBC has now also confirmed that it is being shown on Christmas Day (no surprise there), and that it's got a 7.30pm slot (The Snowmen was scheduled for 5.15pm, with the Call The Midwife Christmas special taking precedence last year).

Furthermore, it's also been confirmed that The Time Of The Doctor will run for one hour.

Hankies at the ready, then, and expect some farewell for Matt Smith. More details when we have them.

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...and still not ginger!

Are we not making a big deal out of the fact that this will be the 800th episode?
I kinda think we should.
That's pretty huge.

I'll probably be too sozzled to take it in at that time... thank god for iplayer.

I was speaking to a friend who has worked grip on last few seasons and pointed this out to him and it was the first he'd heard of it. Someone needs to inform BBC HQ - perhaps they've been so preoccupied with the 50th shenanigans that they've missed it.

I know, it's odd. It's such a milestone and at least deserves some kind of fanfare.

Why do numbers count? What difference does an 800th episode have over the 799th or 801st? We are obsessed by ordering things, gets even worse with the debate over how many doctors there have been...who cares?! Let the show continue with more and more regens until no one wants to watch any more, the fact that McCloys doctor was only the 7th and still had 5 regens left didn't stop the plug being pulled last time did it?! It changes nothing if we have 50 regens, only to prove that numbers and data mean sod all! Everyone needs to 'zoom out' a bit and enjoy the entertainment that is being provided for them in such an amazing format because that's all it is - entertainment! Not real sodding life!

Welcome to Den of Geek. Geek being the operative word. Obsession is our thang.

You'd have thought they'd try and squeeze one more episode into season 7 *somewhere* so the 50th could also be the 800th...

Perfectly put, Doug :)

yep, well said :)

Why exactly?

People just like churning out statistics nowadays for everything! Ones in sport annoy me the most, as half the time, they're completely meaningless!

My whole job seems to live and die by data, the Doctor wouldn't stand for this data obsessed, number crunching, statistical nightmare of a world would he?!

87% of statistics are made up anyway...

I don't get the big deal over the number 800 at all either. Bit random if you ask me. Now say if it was 1000th maybe then, but... and they came up with a solution for Hartnell dying by using another actor, of course they're going to keep giving the Doctor more regenerations. I find this quite obvious and don't take part in all those silly debates about regeneration limits.

Because we have 10 fingers on our hands and thus the human race is obsessed with categorising things by the number 10 and its multiples.

I know right. Like, who CARES.

Just cos.

Have an upvote! Obsessed with numbering things...dead right...and it's not just numbers, it's lists as well. In the name of peace and sanity...Enough Already!

Well said!

Sad to see Matt Smith go. I think he out acted Tennant in the 50th, and maybe even out shone Hurt, but Hurt has the best voice ever. I want that voice.

Please about the timing of the Christmas Special, hopefully I will have kicked out the interlopers by then and have control of the telly!

No we don't. We have 8 fingers & 2 thumbs. . .

We also have things called brains with potential for imaginations, creativity and fun! Numbers ruin all of that in a heartbeat and make things so bloody accountable, can't we just make do with qualitative rather than quantitative?!

I think you find that's 89% :-)

So 800 is a number divisible by 10 and 8 - and if we do the latter we can still give it a big 2 thumbs up. Everybody wins ;-)

Which means so far 104 fingers and 26 thumbs have replied to that comment, and none of them typed about Doctor Who...

This christmas is definitely going to be colder than usual when time finally runs out for the eleventh doctor.The future's not even here yet and i'm missing him already.Best of luck,dude.Goodbye Matt.

Umm... actually if anything its a bad thing. Like the 50th anniversary milestone episodes tend to be used as referring to over and over again. If the Christmas special sucks at explaining the plot holes from season 5 to season 7, along with providing a satisfy story, along with providing a worthy end to Matt Smith, along with establishing a new regeneration cycle - then it will be torn apart.

Well aren't you a miserable a$$?

He didn't out-act Tennant at all. They both acted wonderfully together....they were a perfect double-act. I'm sorry that you saw it as an acting competition. The two of them together definitely outshone Hurt...only because...well...because we've been waiting for the two of them together for ages. You weren't suggesting the Hurt gave the best performance of the 3 of them were you? There's that acting competition again....jeez.

If this is miserable then yes I guess I am, personally I think the opposite

Thanks for the downvotes for stating a fact, people! Why else did you think the number ten was significant to mathematics?

Not all fingers are thumbs, but all thumbs are fingers.

I think the point, really, is that any comments section on an article is an area that invites speculation on any or all possibilities relating to its subject matter. Many shows celebrate their 100th, 200th, etc episodes, so the initial question is totally valid. If you're anti-speculation, then coming to the comments section is just silly. It just seems as if you came here to tell people off because they're looking at something a different way from you, because you've really not said anything else.

I really want his last words to be something fun. Not 'Geronimo' but something along the lines of him looking forward to his new body.

Because it would have been nice, and because any excuse for more episodes. :P

I'm still cursing the fact I was born about 40 years too late to enjoy Doctor Who nearly every week of the year.

*sighs in despair*

shut up you mong

Brilliant! Haven't heard that since I was 8 years old!

oops there I go having an opinion again. I forget opinions are not for me, and only for everyone else. OK, it wasn't a competition. But seeing Tennant and Smith on screen at the same time showed (to me) that Matt Smith is a terrific actor, and his range is brilliant. Tennant, as much as I love him, seems to rely on the manic/crazy style of doctor, whereas Matt can portray a lot more subtle nuances in his performance. And I love John Hurts voice, I just do. His voice overs etc are magnificent. What's wrong with liking the blokes voice for god sake?

I'm at work until 8 pm! Sky+ to the rescue!

1) It's a record even Star Trek cannot equal
2) It reminds people just how long it has been going, and the phenomenal support it gets from fans.
3) It is amazing that 800 episodes has come and gone with very little duplication and re-working. Looking at Trek, TNG reworked several episodes, and an entire film was made from the baic premise of "The Changeling" (Nomad = V'ger)

Yeah, but half those episodes were stuff like The Sensorites and the Web Planet!

I'm sure I wouldn't mind.

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