The Thick Of It series 4 to be its last

News Louisa Mellor
19 Oct 2012 - 15:01

The Thick Of It writer Ian Martin suggests via Twitter that the current series of the BBC political satire is indeed to be its last...

This isn't a scoop, more confirmation of a well-rehearsed rumour. The Thick Of It's creator, Armando Iannucci, announced in September that the current series of the show would likely be its final outing, feeling that all possible avenues had been explored by the satire. Those who've followed the tightly plotted fourth season can attest that things seem to be moving towards an end-of-days finale on Saturday October the 27th, after this weekend's sixty-minute inquiry special.

Following yesterday's party for those involved in making the programme, writer and 'swearing consultant' Ian Martin delivered the following tweet:

"Feeling quite fucking emotional about last night's Thick cast and crew do. Last time we'll be together, last time any of us will be in TVC."

Comedian Chris Addison, who plays political advisor Ollie Reeder and who made his The Thick Of It directing debut in the previous episode, responded with:

"It was quite a thing, wasn't it? Sad, joyous, and what a way to leave TVC." 

Both of which comments seem fairly conclusive, though we hope we're not mad in clinging to the hope that a special or two in future years may still be a possibility. If that isn't the case though, then a standing ovation goes to everyone involved for bringing us seven years of simply outstanding television. Bravo.


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