The Simpsons Mad Men parody teaser

News Louisa Mellor
11 Apr 2014 - 07:55

On the eve of Mad Men's seventh season, The Simpsons pokes fun at the show's famously elliptical teasers...

The Simpsons' guest-directed couch gags (from the likes of Sylvain Chomet and Guillermo del Toro) and movie-inspired sequences (see this wonderful walk through the world of Studio Ghibli) are arguably its best work of late. They're certainly the show's most shared work in recent years.

Following on from season twenty-three's The Man In The Blue Flannel Suit, an entire episode themed around Mad Men, is this parody teaser, which pokes fun at Mad Men's characteristically laconic and misleading episode trails, including a bonus Simpsons version of this season seven poster at the end.

Mad Men returns to AMC this Sunday the 13th of April.


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