BBC Trailer: The Secret of Crickley Hall

News Louisa Mellor 1 Aug 2012 - 14:05

Airing this Halloween as part of the BBC’s Original Drama series is horror adaptation, The Secret of Crickley Hall…

Adapted from the 2006 James Herbert novel and directed by Doctor Who and Apparitions writer Joe Ahearne comes very decent-looking haunted house horror, The Secret of Crickley Hall.

Airing on BBC One this Halloween, the spooky drama stars Suranne Jones and Tom Ellis star as a couple who move to the decidedly creepy-looking Crickley Hall in the decidedly menacing-sounding village of Devil's Cleave a year after the disappearance of their child. When will characters in horror stories ever learn?

Game of Thrones’ Maisie Williams also stars, as does Wallander’s Sarah Smart (seen last year in Doctor Who’s The Rebel Flesh and The Almost People). Take a look at the trailer below.

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I do love to watch some chilling drama on a cold autumn evening, this looks really good.

BBC pulling out the stops for the winter this year, it looks like. Definitely watching this. Also, Maisie Williams: older than she looks, awesome actress, or both? (I'm going with c myself).

Bodes well. Time the Beeb treated us to a good ghost story...

why oh why haven't more of James Herbert's stories been made into films. Better than Stephen King IMO.

I deliver the post to where it was filmed,it is a creepy place.

Opening playground scene filmed in Worthington Park, Sale. Where I take my kids to play. Looks Ace!

OMG! I can't wait to watch this over Halloween. Well scary stuff. I just hope, though, that it does James' book justice. My advice is to read the book 1st.

That is exactly what I am doing. Books are usually better than the films. But here's hoping its good. I think they should do more of James Herbert stuff. Bit like Catherine Cookson.

Ooh, looks good! Although could they not have found an American to play Gabe?

Loved the book, can't wait for this.

Little girl from the Oreo advert !

looks good, wish someone would do the magic cottage, or the rats trilogy

BBC not showing this over Halloween in UK - it's being shown on BBCin the states. So will be normal rubbish on in the UK for the license payers.........

Some of his other books have been turned into movies, Haunted and The Survivor. Not great adaptations which James himself said he wasnt impressed with. Hes impressed with The Secret of Crickley Hall adaptation. Looking forward to seeing this although I am disappointed that the BBC are not showing it when they originally said they would here.

When is this now being shown? According to the papers it's November but I can't see a specific date...

Can anybody tell us when this fantastic story is going to be shown on TV. After reading the book I've been waiting patiently to see how such a spectacularly written and very graphic story can be turned into a mini drama. Let's hope the story hasn't been butchered for TV.

I'd also like to know, I have a feeling it's been postponed because of the recent missing child case in this country.

Why has it not been aired on BBC

just seen it and way too much has been changed from the book. why do the people who make these films and programmes always butcher the original story. very disappointed, if thats the best they can do then they shouldnt bother.

Oooh, where is it ? Heath House, or Callow Hall? Or...?

The village of Hollow Bay in James Herbert's book "The Secret Of Crickley Hall" is based on Lynmouth in Exmoor National Park, Devon and Devil's Cleave is the East Lyn Valley and Watersmeet.

The book brings together two stories, child evacuees during WW2 and the famous 1952 flood disaster that destroyed Lynmouth.

They did the first one it was called Deadly eyes. It was not very good

Sorry the first Rats movie

The actors ages were all wrong. David Warner et al. Should all have been about 20 years older; maybe this would have been too difficult, so why not set the whole thing 20 years ago. Not much more than the Jeep would have needed changing.

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