The Returned series 2 coming to Channel 4 in late 2014

News Louisa Mellor
26 Jul 2013 - 10:45

Channel 4 has confirmed that superlative French import, The Returned, will be back on the channel in late 2014 for series two...

Dance, good people, lay floral wreaths on standing stones, and sing praises to the heavens, for the TV Gods are truly smiling on us today.

Not only has the news arrived that UK viewers will legally be able to watch Breaking Bad's final eight episodes the day after the US broadcast (can I get a hallelujah?) via Netflix, but Channel 4 has secured the rights to series two of The Returned, which, in the absence of Breaking Bad, bears the title of The Best Thing On Television At The Present Time.

Series one of the French import concludes this Sunday night, and the currently-being-written second series is due to arrive on our shores (or more properly, our tellies) in late 2014. That's quite a wait, we know, but there's plenty to keep us occupied TV-wise between now and then. We're off to sacrifice a vintage 1979 Christmas edition of the Radio Times to our cathode-ray deities now, to ensure that remains the case.

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