Glen Mazzara developing The Omen TV series

News Louisa Mellor 20 May 2014 - 07:19

The former Walking Dead showrunner is developing Damien, a sequel series to 1976's The Omen...

Former showrunner for The Walking Dead, Glen Mazzara's next TV project will be a Lifetime series following up on the events of 1976 film The Omen.

Mazzara is developing Damien for the network, which will centre around the character of Damien Thorn as an adult "faced with a series of macabre events and who must face his true destiny as the antichrist". 

The show will have stiff competition as TV horror, not just from Mazzara's old stomping ground, but also from the likes of Showtime's very impressive Penny Dreadful, FX's American Horror Story, the psychological uneasiness of HannibalBates Motel and more. What those last two properties have shown at least, is that reworking an existing franchise for television can work wonders.

We'll bring you more news as it arrives.

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If they are going to do this, I hope it's a complete reboot rather than trying to be a sequel to a film that already has a sequel (granted, The Final Conflict isn't that great overall, but Damien:Omen II was pretty effective). It would have a lot more potential if the show started with a blank canvass, allowing the audience to sympathise with the character and be kept guessing as to the details of his past, than just starting out by saying "you've seen the Omen, this is what happens next" and fighting against an already completed trilogy. And no, Omen IV and Omen 2006 do not count.

Next up: Exorcist The Series and Final Destination The Series. Has every horror movie with a bit of a name have to become a TV show?

I was just talking about this, The Exorcist could work. You show Father Merrin's exorcisms and introduce Father Karras all the while getting closer and closer to their encounter with Regan. It could work.

Gonna have to try very hard to equal the excellence of Omen II

This will be another Rosemary's Baby

Hard to see how they can get a series out of it. Someone discovers he's the Anti-Christ; gets killed. Rinse and repeat.
And who are we rooting for? I guess it's ok to make a serial killer or a meth dealer your hero, but the son of the Devil...?

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