HBO's The Newsroom to end after season 3

News Louisa Mellor 14 Jan 2014 - 06:11

It's official: The Newroom's third season has been confirmed, but it will be the show's last...

Jeff Daniels announced some time ago that The Newsroom would be returning for season three, but being traditionalists, we've been waiting to have the news confirmed by someone other than Harry Dunne.

That confirmation has now arrived from HBO and creator Aaron Sorkin, but tinged with sadness, as it came in tandem with the news that season three would be The Newsroom's final run.

Sorkin reportedly had scheduling problems due to his commitment to Jobs, Sony's Apple-genius biopic, which have since been resolved. Production on the third and final season of The Newsroom is expected to begin this spring. 

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Sad to hear it'll be the last season. The second season had the really annoying framing device of the Genoa legal depositions that kind of took away some of the drama, but it was still very good, though not as good as season one, or The West Wing (obviously!) Here's hoping that season three is a fitting climax for everyone at ACN.

I didn't even know this had gotten as far as two series! Apparently it was shown in the UK but I missed it completely. It's getting increasingly harder to follow stuff on TV these days. DVD boxsets are far simpler :P I'll hunt down series 1 of after I've finished re-watching all of West Wing (I'm on series 5 at the moment).

Big fan of Sorkin and big fan of The Newsroom. To be honest, I feel spoiled getting three seasons after the premature cancelling of the brilliant Studio 60.

Sad to hear the next season will be the last. I'd love to see Sorkin write a new series of the West Wing, though, with a 'new generation' of characters and the occasional cameos from previous stars. Pity it'll never happen...

Looking forward to the next major Sorkin series. The sheer quality of the writing and acting that runs through Sportsnight, The West Wing, Studio 60 and The Newsroom is a rare thing. It's often better to be left wanting more of a series rather than watch it go stale, something far too common with BBC and ITV series.

This is definitely a shame - the show suffered from very uneven pacing, but the Genoa plot was a generally good idea and left a decent number of threads to look into further. Still very promising and still very reminiscent of Sorkin's excellent 90's Sports Night series.

Makes me wonder if it's because the setting of the show will have caught up to the present day. Perhaps Sorkin thinks that the format of the show wouldn't work if set in the now?

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