Premiere date for The Mysterious Cities Of Gold season 2

News Simon Brew 30 Oct 2013 - 08:15

The UK debut of The Mysterious Cities Of Gold season 2 is but a week or two away. Story includes theme tune, natch.

It's been a while now since we were first alerted to the existence of a follow-up to one of our favourite television programmes of the 1980s. We're talking about The Mysterious Cities Of Gold, which we looked at in more detail here. And before we go any further, we clearly need to bring you the magical theme tune...

Job done. Anyway, The Mysterious Cities Of Gold's belated second season will pick up the adventures of Tau, Zia and Esteban, and it's now got its UK premiere date. It'll start screening from November 9th on the Kix channel. That's a children's television channel that you'll find deep in the recesses of your EPG. You need channel 606 on Freesat, or 627 on Sky. It'll be worth the hunt.

And here's the trailer for season 2...

Kix via The Digital Fix.

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Been watching this in French with English subtitles. As Fabulous Films are doing this and they were so reverential towards the season 1 DVD releases, I hope that they are able to find voice actors that closely match the originals and rename Pichu to Kokapetl. Fingers crossed!

Looks like they're pulling a 'Pirates' and heading off to Asia, should be fun. But will Zia become a Pirate King?.....and will I ever get that soun back out of my head?

Oh and Mumm-Ra's sneaked in there at the end.

I am now leaving for work with a massive grin on my face & the theme tune rattling round my head, cheers for the heads up.

Now we know where the Atlantis creator got the idea of the hero wearing a crescent moon shaped medallion around his neck. He grew up watching Citiiiees of Goooold!

Oooh! Looks intriguing :)

Drats! Not on Freeview! Will have to wait for the DVD

I've been trying to re-watch season 1 but it's difficult to find on-line. I'll need to try and find it on DVD.

Damn. What's Kix? Not on Virgin Media...

Damn. Animation looks amazing. May be my new fix when Korra finishes this season.

I've been re-watching season 1 on LoveFilm and now my kids love it too. Looking forward to having a look at the new season 2...

Yay! It was just on! I've already seen it in French but it made more sense in English. Here are my thoughts... 1) Voices are wrong, but I'll get used to it 2) They didn't rename Kokapetl back to Pichu (one of my biggest fears) 3) They decided to go with the French Mu instead of the English Hiva (from season 1)... booooo. 4) Also they left the documentaries in. I was happy for the most part!

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