Trailer here for new season of The Mysterious Cities of Gold

News Louisa Mellor 6 Jun 2012 - 17:37

30 years after the original Japanese-French animated series aired, a new season of The Mysterious Cities of Gold is on its way

Children of the late seventies and eighties, let’s see if this gets your nostalgia synapses firing: a symbolic medallion, a solar-powered Golden Condor, a young boy named Esteban… mean anything?

Those of you who heard a faint panpipe air start up as you read those words, followed by a chirpy eighties voice singing “Children of the sun, see your time has just begun…” will know exactly what we’re on about: Japanese-French animated series The Mysterious Cities of Gold.

Talk about your belated sequels… Indy, Rocky, and Jurassic Park really have nothing on this. Originally broadcast in Japan in 1982, season 1 of The Mysterious Cities of Gold was set in 16th century South America and told the story of young Esteban’s search for his father.

Now 30 years later comes series 2, the first of 3 planned new seasons from French animation company Blue Spirit, due to begin airing on French channel TF1 this September. Amongst other things, the new trailer features Esteban asking the truth about his priest-father and a mysterious hooded figure promising to pursue Esteban and co. to China, where the new season looks to be taking place.

A French-language trailer has popped up online, and if you skip to about 03:55 you can hear the new French version of that theme song.

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I'm so excited by this news.... I adored this as a kid!

how have i never heard of this? it seems to have aired during the halcyon days of my youth.  perhaps it played in Britain, and not North America?

Holy sh*balls.  This is awesome.  I'm so impressed they're doing a second season rather than simply remaking it.  Back in the day, I could have sworn this was the only serialised cartoon on TV...  That's what set it apart from all the other glorified (and not so glorified) TV commercials.

It was one of very few serialised cartoons in the early 80s - Ulysses 31, Dogtanian and Willy Fogg are the only others I can think of.

I am 8 again! I have Ulysses 31 on DVD already, and I thought it stood the test of time, so I'd be interested in getting the original MCoG too.

 Ulysses was amazing ... also Starblazers. I keep thinking there are more but atm cannot name them. But THIS is amazing news ... now to find the original so I can be ready for when this goes live !

Wow, this is out of the blue. Very interesting! And yup, I did hear the song...


Absolutely adore this show, bought the DVD Box-set a couple of years ago and it truly is one of the best box-sets you can find, a lot of Love and attention went into it, even though I am in my 30's I shall be looking out for this.

This is one series I never saw as a child, though I remember it from the schedules of the time. Think I'll check out that u-tube video of the first episode.

Looks good. It's a shame I can't speak French.

I've not seen 3D character models integrated into a cartoon so well. The only thing that tipped me off was the slightly jerky movements.

Like you said ... Holy sh*balls! ha ha ha. I hope this lives up to my memories! I recently watched the box of Delights on DoG say so and wasn't disappointed so I think I will go down me mums and see what's left of my Kid TV tape recorded on the VHS!

Actually, it aired on Nickelodeon in America.  Used to watch it all the time.  I think it was in a early block, something like 6 in the morning.  it was either before or after Belle and Sebastian.

Awesome!! I PRAY they still have the educational segment at the end. That was the best bit of an already absolutely incredible cartoon.

This is brilliant - not a reboot, not a remake, just the latest example of a show being renewed for season 2 that I've ever seen!  30 years later...god I'm old.  

They'll do an English language version right...right?  My French isn't good enough to keep up!

Who ever thought this would happen?

I like how they've kept the kids looking almost exactly the same too (apart from the more modern style of animation) and haven't tried updating them in some wacky way.

 ah.  i'm from canada.  i don't think we had any access to specialty american channels back then.

I'm very excited. But they should be using the original soundtrack! That music was amazing.

 its weird we never got it, as we had french channels too (canada is a bilingual nation)

Its 5am in the morning, I'm groggy and then suddenly, I see "trailer" and "Cities of Gold" in the same sentence and my eyes are like headlights. I've watched the video and I'm thinking "French cant be that hard to learn, can it?" I LOVE this show. Is there gonna be an english dub? Is there?
Tears are forming as I sing the song: aaahn hahn aahn, someday we will find, the cities of Gold.
Ah, nolstagia can be sad and sweet and at d same time.

I'm 100% behind this show. Finally we get to see the whole story. I'll miss the BBC documentaries after each episode though.

Too nice! Guess I'm off to study French...

Ok.. don't eat me alive here ;) I am madly in love with MCoG since I can remember.. my favorite "movie" since I was 3 or so & now I try to get my 3 year old son into the series.. so when I heard they'll continue with the series I was more than happy!! However, now.. I'm kinda disappointed with the trailer.. mostly because of its graphics.. too manga?? I mean, I'll watch at least the first episode but I'm afraid I'll be disappointed because of the graphics.. what you all think??

I feel ya on that... the "thrusters" on The Golden Condor.... c'mon... totally takes away from the mysteriousness of it's ability to fly. I'm also not too hot on the redesign of it's legs. To the more nit-picky; it's too "cartoony" looking now. The children move to quickly/jerky and I HOPE they're not leaning towards the slapstick junk outside of Pedro and Sancho (i.e., Zia stomping on Tao's foot and rendering that over reacted scream). Esteban's entire demeanor is seemingly misrepresented with this new-found angry-looking-attitude-charged look on his face. He's was originally a modest, innocent, happy kid. what's with the face?

The original was quite literally one of the best series EVER... Entertaining, educational (without even realizing), they actually used proper grammar in the show, yet it was natural sounding and it flowed well; it was the perfect blend of history, science fiction, legend & lore and fun.

I hope so much that they don't rape this amazing series and cash in on a bunch of hyped up, modern pop culture BS, slapstick comedy and appeal to the attention span lacking weak minds of today's society.

on a final note- I'm assuming their medallions are still in the doors of the first city of gold...?

and Mendoza's hair is too short!

yeah... I LOVED that aspect of the original

Only just seen this, having finished watching the original series again on DVD! Being 37 I remember the original when I was young, I always wanted to be on one of their adventures lol
But, will the new episodes live upto the originals for the purists? Maybe not, although they seem to have stayed loyal enough to the look of the characters without going all 'anime' and 'ku foo'!!
Youngsters today will probably enjoy it, but for an avid fan I'm going to miss the orignal voices if/when they dub it into English. Having just read about a 2005 re-union of the original cast who did a voice-over, 25 years after the show was first shown, it makes me think if id would be possible or even viable to get them back together for these new series', wouldn't that be awesome ;)

Not happy with the music, everything else is there! The original music made you feel the mystery, it sucked you in and made you believe. I hope this is a feeler for a response from the fan base and they rectify this one flaw. Sack the person in charge of music, anyone who truly loves this show would not attach that boring run of the mill music. Not saying use the original stuff, with the sound products available today they should really do better. #keepthemysteryalive

I really really hope they dub to English again, just finished watching the first series on DVD. The new theme should be dumped though, too much cheese, no original spirit of the show at all.

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