Marc Warren joins The Musketeers series 2

News Louisa Mellor
10 Apr 2014 - 10:15

A new villain has joined The Musketeers' second season, and Marc Warren is playing him...

Contains spoilers for The Musketeers series one finale.

Now that Peter Capaldi's swapped 17th century Paris for the TARDIS, a villain-shaped hole was left in the now-filming second series of The Musketeers. Enter Marc Warren (Hustle, Mad Dogs), who has joined the BBC Sunday night drama as a series two regular.

Warren plays Rochefort in the second series, a man described by the official press bumf as "nursing many secrets and a dark past". Dangerous and charming, Rochefort also has, we're told, "a sinister web". Nasty.

The Comte de Rochefort is an antagonist created by Alexandre Dumas and has appeared in a number of Musketeers adaptations over the years, played by the likes of Christopher Lee (in the 1970s Musketeers trilogy) and most recently, Hannibal Lecter himself, Mads Mikkelsen (in Paul W.S Anderson's steampunk version of the Dumas tale).

Here's a snap of a rather bedraggled-looking Warren in costume:


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