The Musketeers returning for series 2

News Louisa Mellor 9 Feb 2014 - 11:00

A second series of new BBC Sunday night drama The Musketeers is on its way...

Good news. The Musketeers' combination of period intrigue, impressive swordplay, handsome troubled heroes and a guest star parade of established UK talent has earned it a second series.

Writer Adrian Hodges (Survivors, Primeval) made it clear from the outset that his take on Alexandre Dumas' seventeenth century characters was not an adaptation of the original novel but in keeping with its spirit. The series' poetic license with the Dumas quartet meant that a second, and why not, a third and fourth series were all possibilities. If the show can maintain the ratings success of its first three episodes, which, between them, averaged over six million viewers in the overnights, it can look ahead to a robust future on BBC One. 

Series two will see the return of all four Musketeers, Luke Pasqualino, Santiago Cabrera, Tom Burke and Howard Charles, though it's yet to be confirmed whether the drama's Cardinal Richelieu, Peter Capaldi, will be back twirling his moustache. Might the actor's other BBC commitments interfere with his return? We'll keep you posted.

Read more about The Musketeers on Den of Geek, including an interview with Luke Pasqualino, here.


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I am quite happy about this. I am in love with the show. It is not the best out there, but it is charming and so much fun!

I really like the show, but, honestly, so far I don't think Capaldi has been a significant enough presence in it that I'd care one way or the other whether he returns.


Excellent. Nice to see some decent BBC drama getting renewed.


wait, Peter Capaldi is in another a BBC series other than The Musketeers? This is the first I'm hearing of any such news!

He's going to be the new Doctor Who. He's already started filming.

Glad to see its getting a series 2.
I can't see Peter Capaldi returning but I will be interested to know who will replace him.

Matt Smith for son of Richelieu!

What tosh. Surely we would have heard of such news already?

What's Doctor Who?

That sentence literally makes no sense. ;-)

Yes but reads better that 'Who's Doctor Who?' - too many whos

Let's hope this won't be a second 'Ripper Street' and it will indeed get a third series.

I thought the press release confirmed that Capaldi wasn't going to be in season 2? I've been informed by several people that Cardinal Richlieu was only in the first book anyway, and was subsequently replaced, as in real life, by Cardinal Mazarin.

really, really happy about this. i have been massively enjoying this show. if peter Capaldi is unavailable for season two, the show could always introduce

Cardinal Mazarin who succeeded his mentor

Cardinal Richelieu and ran France in a very similar style politically, also Mazarin turns up in the later musketeers novels.

As "that scene" in the 50th showed, you can never have enough Whos!

I`m so happy to read about a second season! I really love this show! Reminds me a little bit of good old Merlin times...:)

i love it i just want to know when the new series will happen as in this year or next year?????????????????????????????????????????? its amazing dont judge

I am very happy that there will be a series 2 but will Tamla Kari return with it?, God! I hope so because I think she is gorgeous.

I third this opinion!

While I completely agree with you, I do want them to up their game a bit next season because I love the characters and setting. There is much more they could do. An on going story from one episode to the next would be good too, rather than the episodic run of the mill season. I say this as a constructive criticism though. I just want to feel that it is leading somewhere.

Well, of course, it it gets better I won't complain, but I am happy if it just doesn't get worse too =)

... I need Tamla Kari to come back!!!! Shes way too awesome to just be gone! :O

These guys seem like the Original A-team. Here in the USA this show will go over very good I think.

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