Pilot for unofficial Doctor Who spin-off Minister Of Chance

News Den Of Geek 14 Feb 2014 - 11:03

A micropilot for The Minister Of Chance film project, starring Paul McGann and Tim McInnnerny, debuts today. Details here...

Producer Clare Eden and writer/director Dan Freeman are the brains behind the wonderful The Minister Of Chance audio series, an unofficial spin-off from Doctor Who that's built a real fanbase. A few months ago, the pair began fundraising for a film version of The Minister Of Chance, and today, they're presented a micropilot of it. We invited Clare to say a few words about it...

We are delighted to have finally completed a micropilot for the award-winning podcast series The Minister Of Chance. The short film - based on The Prologue - stars Paul McGann and Tim McInnerny and has been entirely funded by our now international fanbase.  Today, the Minister Moguls who financed the film by buying a variety of perks will join the online premiere, many also holding their own gatherings with other local fans to celebrate.  

Anyone else wishing to view the 7 minute film will need to purchase a cinema ticket (or any other perk of their choice) from http://www.ministerofchance.com/#!shop--cart/cac6. This will not only help us with our production costs but enable us to keep the Parsec Award winning podcast series available as a free download.  The extant series also stars Jenny Agutter, Jed Brophy, Tamsin Greig and Sylvester McCoy, with Julian Wadham and Lauren Crace as the central characters of The Minister and Kitty -  all available here: http://www.ministerofchance.com/#!download/ckae.

The fans have been truly phenomenal - not just supporting us with their hard earned cash, but by creating a wonderful community on Facebook and Twitter that has been our main source of publicity and support!

We wish Clare and Dan all the best with this excellent series. And here's a brief trailer for you to take a look at...

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What...did the trailer tell you ?... and what is this about? A plot synopsis of some kind would be appreciated......how is it linked to DW ? Who are the characters?

If it's in any way related to Doctor Who, why does the lead character look just like one of The Doctor's incarnations?

Something of more substance in the way of trailer would be good. You know...Chance would be a fine thing.. :):)

Listen to the audio book of it all - it's great fun. Follows a "time lord" of sorts (although never directly called that) and contains most of the cast of Who and Blake's 7 from down through the ages. Bags of fun and I'd like to see it filmed.

People keep asking about the connection to Doctor Who.

The Minister of Chance first appears in the audio book 'Doctor Who:Death Comes To Time' which in itself is a strange oddity. It came out before they had any idea the series would be revived and stars Sylvester McCoy as The Doctor. Personally I love the adventure and have listened to it many,many times. It is a strong story but does play wildly the timeline canon.

The character 'The Minister' was introduced as a fellow Time Lord and friend of the Doctor. He was played by Stephen Fry. He ends up in real turmoil when he misuses his powers.

The 'unofficial' Minister of Chance podcasts continue the Ministers adventures in a newly regenerated body. It also stars and features actors known for their work in DW (Paul McGann, Sylvester McCoy & Sophie Aldred).

Enjoyed the free podcast, would love to see a series.

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