First teaser for HBO's The Leftovers

Trailer Louisa Mellor 7 Apr 2014 - 07:35

HBO has adapted Tom Perrotta's Rapture fantasy novel, The Leftovers, and here's the first teaser...

For a teaser trailer, the below does an admirably solid job of explaining rather than mystifying the premise of new HBO drama, The Leftovers. Adapted from Tom Perrotta's 2013 novel, the ten-episode first series tells the story of life after 140 million people inexplicably disappeared in a single moment, through the focus of the surviving characters in a small American town.

The phenomenon, labelled the Rapture by many, and explained in countless hostile ways by others (especially the God-fearing who were left behind) splinters families and sets characters on unprecedented paths. It's a warm, accessible novel with a dark edge, and if anyone can bring it to the screen, then HBO can.

Christopher Eccleston, Justin Theroux, Liv Tyler and more appear in the series, which was co-written by Lost's Damon Lindelof and Tom Perrotta, and the pilot directed by Peter Berg.

The Leftovers premieres on the 15th of June, come back then for our weekly episode reviews.


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Looks great. Plus it's HBO and it's Damon Lindelof (yes I actually liked Lost all the way to the end) so I'll watch it regardless.

It's HBO so I will give it a look, but it has to be about more than the drama of families missing a loved one. There has to be some search for explanation in it for me. If it's a Raptur event, then it's too easy to beam up the babies as they couldn't have done anything wrong yet. I can also imagine that in the final episode (of the season) another group of people will dissapear.

I’ve read the book in preparation (it sounded like something I’d want to watch) and though I wasn’t blown away by The Leftovers I will be checking the series out. Though I can’t see how they’ll get more than a Season or two from the source.

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