The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen coming to TV

News Louisa Mellor 10 Jul 2013 - 07:45

Fox is developing a TV adaptation of Alan Moore's The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen...

Alan Moore's 'Justice League of Victorian England' comic book series is being given another outing on screen, a decade after Stephen Norrington's er, less-than well-received 2003 feature adaptation. 

Fox, it's been announced, has ordered a pilot for a new version of Moore and Kevin O'Neill's concept, which sees fictional Victorian characters from the worlds of Jules Verne, H. Rider Haggard, Edgar Rice Burroughs, H.G. Wells and Bram Stoker, team up to fight bad guys.

As a 'put pilot' commitment, Fox will incur a penalty should the pilot not be aired, so according to those in the know, that makes it a very good bet we'll eventually see some League action on screen.

The official bumpf describes the show as "A drama series based on Alan Moore’s critically and commercially successful graphic novel series about a group of Victorian-age literary characters, including Captain Nemo, the Invisible Man, and Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, who team up to fight a common enemy." 

Heroes' Michael Green is currently on writing, executive producing, and show-running duties. No casting announcements have yet been made, but we'll keep you posted.

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£10 says it's set in modern day New York.

The only major Edgar Rice Burroughs characters are the brief scenes on Mars at the start of Volume 2. I think you Robert Louis Stevenson (for Dr Jekyll\Mr Hyde).

This is great news. If they use the first 2 volumes as a basis and maintain the characterisation, intrigue and Moore's wonderfully dark and twisted sensibility this could be excellent. Also the concept of plot elements and characters being borrowed from Victorian fiction (which is mostly out of copyright so free to be bastardised) means there's plenty of scope to expand on the original comics as it progresses. Also with steam punk being very much in vogue at the moment (hey, it even made it into the Olympics closing ceremony!) they'll hopefully keep the stylings of O'Neill's vision of London.

They should probably steer clear of the "Century" arc though, I don't think the world of TV is quite ready for a Harry Potter antichrist who shoots lightning bolts from his knob!

This could be awesome. I found the movie kind of good, mostly because of Connery. Hopefully this time they don't include that American character, and please don't move the story to modern times.

Lmao, cant wait for the Mr Hyde rapes and then eats the Invisible man episode to air!

Would love to see a DoG article on the original some day. I'm amazed it put Connery off acting for good. I also thought Norrington could do no wrong after Blade.

And gritty! Don't forget the gritty!

Can't get excited or even pleased about another attempt to dramatise these comics for the screen.Principally,i have big reservations about whether American television companies and screenwriters are capable of treating classic literature with the informed respect to make this property work like it does in comic books.It might be worth another attempt if Mina is the primary character in the organisation but the further involvement of Murdochs 20th Century fox in producing it and Michael Greens association with DC and superhero stuff makes me very,very sceptical and nervous about the whole idea.I think we can guarantee Alan Moore isn't going to be pleased.

I always enjoyed the Sanctuary episodes that were like LOEG, since they had Jack the Ripper, Dr John Watson, The Invisible Man and a vampire Nikola Tesla (and of course the heroine of the show Dr Helen Magnus) teaming up to fight Mr Hyde and in later years, Nazi's. So while there was very little in common with the proper League, it was still highly entertaining watching these historical and fictional characters battling evildoers in times gone by,

Who could Andrew Scott play in this?

It can't be any worse than the movie... or can it? Mr Moore's probably sat with his head in his hands right now.

Is it just me who finds the premise a little too stupid to really work outside of a comic book?

You'd need really, really good character writing and time to establish each individual for the series to work at all, so you get to know them as people, not just as cliches of characters that we think we already know.

Oops... just saw "Heroes' Michael Green is currently on writing, executive producing, and show-running duties" which kind of makes my previous comment redundant.

Which one of them will be converted to a female?

Obviously it won't be TIM (ha!) as that would rule out a few shower scenes and low cut tops.

Screw the world of TV; I'm more than ready.

Sounds like Fox not wanting to lose the rights, does it not? For the record, whilst I love the comics, I'm kinda enjoy the film version, despite the huge differences. I suppose the fact that it was developed concurrently with the source material (before the comic was even published) may have something to do with that...

Although it may seem so I'm not hung up on Andrew Scott being cast in everything (Just as the 12th Doctor).

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