Bernard Cornwell's The Last Kingdom coming to BBC 2

News Louisa Mellor 9 Jul 2014 - 15:41

BBC 2 is adapting Bernard Cornwell's Saxon Stories for an historical 8-episode TV drama...

Here's a spot of exciting news. Bernard Cornwell's gripping The Last Kingdom novel is coming to BBC Two in the form of a shiny eight-part TV series.

Part of the Saxon Stories saga, The Last Kingdom is an historical drama starting in the year 872 in a post-Viking invasion pre-England. It follows the fate of young Uhtred Ragnarson, a man of noble Saxon birth but orphaned and raised by Vikings, who must decide where his loyalties lie against a backdrop of bloody battle and heroic deeds. 

The project has quickly been labelled the BBC's answer to Game Of Thrones, which, if accurate, finds no complaints from these quarters. The BBC's Drama Commissioning Controller, Ben Stephenson however, says The Last Kingdom "will feel like nothing else on television, with all of the scale and intrigue of the best fantasy stories but the reality of fact.” In other words: no dragons.

The creative team looks to have been drawn from a selection of recent telly's brightest and best, with Good Cop's Stephen Butchard adapting the novels for screen, Prey and The Awakening's Nick Murphy directing, and Downton Abbey's Carnival Films producing.

We'll be keeping an excited eye on this one as it develops. In the meantime, Saxon Stories readers, let the speculative casting begin...


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About ruddy time.

Oh how cool. Been watching Vikings and thinking that was the closest I'd get to the Warrior Chronicles. Hope they do it justice and its good enough to get a series from The Warlord Chronicles too

Surprised they haven't started with The Warlord Chronicles first given it's shorter and there's already a Vikings series out there but I'm very excited by this! His battle scenes and attention to historical detail are fantastic.

"The BBC's Drama Commissioning Controller, Ben Stephenson however, says The Last Kingdom " will feel like nothing else on television, with all of the scale and intrigue of the best fantasy stories but the reality of fact.” In other words: no dragons."

Good lord, the BBC press office don't half write some silly quotes.

I am in work and desperately trying to hold it together. Please BBC treat this well and don't bodge it up.

I love The Warlord Chronicles, before Game of Thrones came along I held out for an adaptation. It's by far my favourite version of the Arthur story. Still, excited about this, hope it is good.

Great news but I wanted The Warlord Chronicles!!!!!

I loved that series as well - maybe it's up next?

Fabulous news genuinely excited for this as I think this is better than his Sharpe series....and I loved those!

again please at some point give us the warlord chronicles. I can't think of a decent screen adaptation of Arthur and there's this source material full of great greatness ness.

Good. The warlord chronicles would have been good as well. Still holding out for an adaptation of sharpes devil

Fact is my favourite Reality.


I would much rather have seen the Warlord Chronicles than this, as I find the Saxon Chronicles to be extremely boring and poorly written.

Tia coming from a person who rates Bernard Cornwell as his favourite author.

Let's hope they don't make it ultra PC like Merlin, The Musketeers, Dr Who etc and keep it faithful to the books. Hopefully Bernard Cornwell will be heavily involved to keep the essence and bloody reality of the story.

Never heard of it, but I don't live in the UK. I'm in! Also, what happend to that sorcerors in the Napoleontic War series that they where making? Don't hear anything about that.

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