The Killing (USA) officially back for season 3

News Louisa Mellor
16 Jan 2013 - 11:28

AMC has made the rare decision to un-cancel its US remake of Danish crime series, The Killing...

This is a rare piece of news: a cancelled show revived by the network just months after the lid was thought to have been closed on it. AMC's The Killing, based on Danish crime drama Forbrydelsen, is officially returning for a third season, due to begin production in Vancouver on the 25th of February.

Leads Mireille Enos and Joel Kinnaman are both to return as Seattle detectives Linden and Holder, though fellow castmembers Billy Campbell and Michelle Forbes will not be reprising the roles of Darren Richmond and Mitch Larsen, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Viewer figures for the crime drama took a hit once the central mystery of the first season remained unresolved until the end of the second, hence the cancellation. Now with a newly trimmed budget, season three promises a fresh new case to which showrunner Veena Sud assures fans there will be an answer by the episode twelve finale:

“I couldn’t be happier to know that I will be returning to work with AMC, FTVS and Mireille and Joel on what is and has always been a passion project for me," said Sud. "To the fans that have supported the series, thank you for doing so. My team and I will work hard to deliver the best story that we can for season three."

Previous attempts to reverse cancellation decisions were made by fans bombarding networks with Veronica Mars bars and Chuck Subway sandwiches, so who knows, perhaps AMC received so many thick woollen jumpers and teenage corpses they couldn't not bring it back?

The Hollywood Reporter

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