The IT Crowd special filming this month

News Louisa Mellor 7 May 2013 - 13:30

Graham Linehan confirms that the much-anticipated IT Crowd special is due to film in just three weeks' time...

Spotted by the good folk of Bleeding Cool yesterday was news that Father Ted and Black Books writer/director Graham Linehan has officially confirmed that the forty-minute finale special of The IT Crowd is due to begin filming later this month.

Linehan and co. found themselves in something of a Sherlock situation when the careers of leads Chris O'Dowd, Richard Ayoade, Katherine Parkinson, and Matt Berry took off both in front of and behind the camera, not to mention Linehan's own packed stage and TV slate, making scheduling for the finale tricky.

Now all the main players are due back in the Reynholm Industries' basement for the episode, which, according to a statement made by Linehan during a Q&A at the re:publica German conference, is scheduled to start shooting in three weeks' time. Does that mean Channel 4 will be serving up the special in time for Christmas? We'll keep you posted.

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For more details, phone 0118 999 811 999 725...3

God damn these electric sex pants!

My wish has come true! Thanks Spaceology!!

Best news I've heard in ages. I've been desperately turning my DVD player off and on again in the hope that more episodes will appear.

No word yet on whether Richmond (Noel Fielding) will be returning. But for up-to-the-minute minute updates, check on FriendFace every few moments.

The Tv's freaking out, Roy!

Congratulations! You win the internets for today!

*deep breath*

Yes! I love weird, weird is all ive got..... well, that and my sweet style. :)

Haha! I don't think I have ever used "lol" and meant it.

But this time I do, I "lol"'ed all over the place then.


Sometimes, I really love comment sections. <3 :D

But its 0118 999 811 999 119 725...3 :(


That's a nice tnetennba.

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