The IT Crowd special planned for "middle of next year"

News Louisa Mellor 17 Dec 2012 - 17:02

Graham Linehan hopes to reunite The IT Crowd trio for a one-off special in mid-2013...

Ever since Graham Linehan dangled a potential IT Crowd special in front of his audience after the series four finale, we've been waiting to hear more. Now, thanks to a fan on Twitter this weekend taking the journalistic initiative to ask @Glinner what the progress was, we learn that the special is pencilled in for "...the middle of next year" (though whether that means filming or broadcast we don't yet know).

Real life, in the form of burgeoning Hollywood careers, babies, stage and TV jobs, had previously made the task of uniting the show's makers with Katherine Parkinson, Chris O'Dowd and Richard Ayoade (aka Jen, Roy and Moss) a tricky one, so fingers crossed everything comes into alignment for next year's one-off return to Reynholm Industries.

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I hope Chris Morris returns. Even if it is just a flashback [considering Denholm is dead!]

Sort of wish they'd do a crossover with The Big bang theory and do a Moss vs.Sheldon nerd off.


And the flashback announces 365 nights straight of brand new Brass Eye.


Really hope this happens. I.T Crowd was an absolute gem of a show. Forget a special tho, i want another series! Make it happen people!

Plus Noel Fielding back in the server cupboard as Richmond!

Who, not to be outdone, announces brand new Boosh.

...Brand new Boosh where 'the gang' return to the Zoo

omg seriously... write it... filming would take like a week. they're too busy to take off one week and film this!!!!?!?! aaaaargh

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