The Inbetweeners USA cancelled

News Louisa Mellor
29 Nov 2012 - 11:12

After twelve episodes, MTV have said no thanks to further episodes of its The Inbetweeners remake...

We try to remain a positive bunch here at Den of Geek towers, hence our weekly reviews of The Inbetweeners USA having faded gently into the darkness around the fourth instalment.

Rather than continue to sigh, drop our shoulders, and point out the inadequacies and disappointments of the show each week, we preferred to leave it by the wayside like an unwanted pet, in the hope that someone, somewhere might come to love it where we weren't able.

The news then, that MTV has waved goodbye to the remake after its initial twelve-episode run comes as little surprise. The show never cracked a million US viewers per week, and the critical response was unsurprisingly, never greatly enthusiastic.

If none of that puts you off and your interest was piqued by the remake, then UK viewers are in luck. The twelve-episode run will be aired weekly on E4 starting next Wednesday the 5th of December.

Disclaimer: Den of Geek would like to make it clear that no pets were abandoned by the roadside in the writing of this story. 

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