The Inbetweeners USA cancelled

News Louisa Mellor 29 Nov 2012 - 11:12

After twelve episodes, MTV have said no thanks to further episodes of its The Inbetweeners remake...

We try to remain a positive bunch here at Den of Geek towers, hence our weekly reviews of The Inbetweeners USA having faded gently into the darkness around the fourth instalment.

Rather than continue to sigh, drop our shoulders, and point out the inadequacies and disappointments of the show each week, we preferred to leave it by the wayside like an unwanted pet, in the hope that someone, somewhere might come to love it where we weren't able.

The news then, that MTV has waved goodbye to the remake after its initial twelve-episode run comes as little surprise. The show never cracked a million US viewers per week, and the critical response was unsurprisingly, never greatly enthusiastic.

If none of that puts you off and your interest was piqued by the remake, then UK viewers are in luck. The twelve-episode run will be aired weekly on E4 starting next Wednesday the 5th of December.

Disclaimer: Den of Geek would like to make it clear that no pets were abandoned by the roadside in the writing of this story. 

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It feels unnecessarily mean-spirited to rejoice at this news but, er, yeah... this wont be missed.

schadenfreude lol.

I don't understand why shows like these (IT crowd, Red Dwarf etc.) Have to be remade for the Americans. When the originals are so good?

There's an American Red Dwarf? I must google this and probably remake them to cash on the cult status's.

I recall a pilot was made - no idea if a series was produced

no series made, the pilot is on youtube, robert llewellyn (kryton) was only original cast member involved.

Screw you , Americans don't get British humour , so they remake the shows for There sense of humor , go to hell

I'm very unhappy about this, I hope all you people are happy, now there's no Inbeetweeners on TV anymore and there never will be again :(

I'll miss it, it was good, I'm really pissed off with this news, I hate how people are so happy about it. I'm enjoying Elementry so screw u.

I hate all you basterds , never give a show a chance , to he'll with u all.

It was another lonely night in Daire's bedsit.

Rain trickled down the plate glass window, and the wind outside blew loud. Louder even than the shrill, high-pitched screaming in his head.

It was the acid flashbacks, they were getting worse. He knew it. Felt it. They were a part of him now. No escape, no release.

If only Bridie hadn't left him. She'd put her big comforting arms around
his sickly, trembling frame and tell him it was okay in that
reassuringly baritone voice of hers.

But Bridie was gone now. Run off with that fool Hamish.

Hamish. With his crooked, ubiquitous grin and seemingly neverending supply of Family Guy jokes. Poor Daire never had a chance.

All he had now were the memories, swirling and fading away like the smoke rising from his yellowing fingers. The memories, that is, and
Inbetweeners USA.

Oh, what a tonic that little show was to Daire. What a salve on the angry, open wound of his life. How he laughed at it's timid recycling of jokes from the original show. Why, it was almost as good as Elementry. Almost.

And now, now they told him that was gone too.

There was no Inbetweeners on TV anymore and there never would be again. Well, he hoped they were all happy. He hoped they all had a good laugh, as fingers, still trembling but filled with dark purpose, signed into Den of Geek.

Ha! just like he thought! The commenters, they were trying to trick him, decieve him with their largely indifferent posts. Those basterds.

They were probably all in it together. They and Bridie and Hamish. Yes, that was it. All in it together. They were the ones that got his beloved Inbetweeners USA cancelled. They were the ones!

He breathed deep. Slowly. Collecting himself and steeling his resolve for the task at hand. He would require every last drop of wit and wordplay, of swagger and insight. For tonight, his rapier wit must glint like the stars themselves.

"Tonight," he mumbled involuntarily, wiping wotsit crumbs from his lips. "Tonight, I shall have my say..."

What the hell ? How long did it take to write that ? You could have just told me to "get a life" or something , it was well written an the longest written insult I have ever seen on the Internet , Well Done !

And by the way I was referring to general American public who didn't watch it , I'm not saying there was a conspiracy to get it canceled

probably the best comeback in history!

I LOVED THIS SHOW AND SO UPSET THAT IT ACTUALLY GOT CANCELLED! Awkward and the other shows never made me laugh as hard as the inbetweeners. :(

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