The Inbetweeners US remake first trailer

News Louisa Mellor 17 Jul 2012 - 18:20

MTV's The Inbetweeners remake has its first trailer, and you can take a look at the new Will, Simon, Neil, and Jay speaking in American right here...

When the first cast picture for MTV's The Inbetweeners remake was put up on these very pages, it was greeted with roughly the same level of warmth as might welcome a serial killer, or worse, someone dishing out TDKR spoilers on Twitter.

People, it's fair to say, weren't massively looking forward to seeing The Inbetweeners American-style. Let's see if this new trailer for the US remake can change anyone's mind (we'll embed as soon as it becomes available, but for now, just follow the YouTube link above).

Writers of the UK series, Iain Morris and Damon Beesley, are credited as executive producers on the show, which stars Joey Pollari, Bubba Lewis, Mark L. Young, Zack Pearlman, and Alex Frnka, and debuts on MTV in the US on the 20th of August. 

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Looks to be alot safer and tamer in tone than the UK version. Inbetweeners LITE maybe? I think it looks similar in tone to SUPERBAD so worth checking out.

Well that looks bad.

I have to say that if I had to pick between MTV's remake of Skins or The Inbetweeners, The Inbetweeners looks a million times better...still won't compare to the UK version...thanks lame US tv rules. Whomp.

This looks awful. Just so awful. They already murdered Skins on MTV. Now this??

I'm afraid I can only quote Obi-Wan
"I felt a great disturbance in the Force, as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced. I fear something terrible has happened"

As an American I must ask my country, why? (Also, Elementary, really?)


Did they entirely miss the point of the show. There's supposed to be nothing outstanding about the group. Having a 70's throwback and a... a fat one (seems like the nicest thing I can say) ffs they are supposed to be unremarkable, these guys are wallpaper.

We're back at ruggedly handsome Lister again.

Stupid, Stupid, Stupid people.

I'll just rewatch Freaks and Geeks.

I didn't realise Jonah Hill had a younger brother!

I love how it currently has 1700 dislikes and 27 likes. I'm from Canada and have seen the British version and the new take on it is terrible. That was a long trailer and I didn't laugh once which is sad because we know most trailers contain the best parts.

Aside from the fact that this looks like a terrible remake, it just looks like a terrible TV show in general.

OK...sorry but we all saw it, it's the elephant in the room.... someone has to ask.... why did they give Jay Downs Syndrome?

See. I didn't want to be the guy. But yes, when they released that 1st photo. I did wonder how old American Jay's parents were.

Possibly worse than the remake of "Red Dwarf"?

see, i remember the first season of the us version of the office.. that was cack, cacky cack.. but i perservered and given the choice now between watching first 2 seasons of original office and 1st 2 seasons of us office, id go US every time,.. am gonna give this the same chance. after the dire dire inbetweeners movie, im ready for some potential inbetweeners goodness

I'm pretty sure 'Executive Producer' is a catch-all title for people who want creative input into the process (actors etc) but won't really get any. It's a sop to make them feel good. I hope that's not the case here (but I bet it is). Most US remakes are a bit crap; history and the mighty Law of Averages aren't on their side...

It's not uncommon for the writers of original material to get an exec producer credit on later stuff not actually written by them, but which extends and is based on their source. I was told many years ago that it allowed the writer to retain some semblance of control or at least guidance in the project, and, of course, it keeps their name associated with the programme.

But it's also largely now just a title, it seems, and not much more.


Where did the humour go!


It looks like someone just decided to get some friends together and play inbetweeners and film it, got to say id rather deficate in my own hands and clap that watch that terrible rehash of a terrific British show

Or the IT Crowd pilot?

The Holy Grail would have to be the Spaced Pilot.

I can't say I agree about the Inbetweeners Movie (I saw it with my girlfriend in a packed cinema and laughed my arse off), but you do have a point about the American Office. It started bad, then got a lot better. It's still good if not great. The Inbetweeners USA looks horrible though.

Spread this around so the right person see's this! They should make an Inbetweeners Christmas Special with the original british characters!

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