Phil Lord and Chris Miller to remake The Greatest American Hero

News Rob Leane 1 Sep 2014 - 07:24

Cult classic The Greatest American Hero is getting the Lord and Miller treatement...

If you’re an intellectual property, which you’re probably not if you’re reading this article, one of the best things that can happen to you is being snapped up by Chris Miller and Phil Lord.

Quickly becoming one of cinemas hottest properties, the dynamic duo have already resurrected 21 Jump Street, helmed its sequel and built The LEGO Movie. They’re on an incredible run.

Now, the latest project to be rejuvenated by Lord and Miller is The Greatest American Hero. The 1981 comic sci-fi drama is based on an unwitting superhero discovering their powers.

Fox is funding a pilot from Lord and Miller, which we've got  a feeling could be absolutely hilarious.

Their protagonist will be inner-city school teacher Isaac (a different teacher to William Katt's in the original), who dislikes his new-found superheroic responsibilities and has to improvise with his powers after losing the instructions for his suit. Count us very much in.

Here’s a montage of clips from the original, set to its theme tune, to give you a taste...


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