The Following renewed for season 2

News Louisa Mellor 5 Mar 2013 - 07:00

Kevin Bacon and James Purefoy will be taking another spin on the serial killer merry-go-round as Fox renews The Following...

Fans of puppet master serial killer drama The Following can rest easy in the knowledge that, though we're almost at the halfway point in season one, a further fifteen episodes are on their way. The Kevin Williamson thriller starring Kevin Bacon and James Purefoy as a former FBI agent and his cult-leading serial-killing nemesis, has just been renewed for season two.

Described by Fox as an "edge-of-your-seat" "thrill ride", The Following debuted to somewhat mixed reviews, but audience interest has seen it through. Fulfilling the unspoken rule that everyone involved with The Following has to be named Kevin, here's what Fox entertainment chairman Kevin Reilly had to say:

"From the very beginning, we felt Kevin Williamson and Marcos Siega had created a high-quality, edge-of-your-seat drama that could break from the pack, and it is exciting to see the audience responding. Kevin Bacon and James Purefoy have given us two of the most compelling characters on television and the entire cast is incredible. I’m delighted to have this thrill ride continue on FOX for another season."

Read our review of the most recent episode, Let Me Go, here.


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I predict that by the end of Season 2, it will be revealed that everyone in the world is working for Joe Carroll, and Kevin Bacon will rip off Joe's mask to find himself underneath...

I'm enjoying this show. It's kind of what I hoped the Mentalist would become with the whole Red John thing, but instead it still persists in it's case-of-the-week rut.

It's great seeing Bacon on my TV every week though. Glad to know there's more to come.

On a tangent, I think if networks announced that a show like this has a season 2 part way through the first it might give viewers more confidence in sticking with it knowing that it's worth the investment.

I agree - so many shows get dropped after 1-3 episodes broadcast, audiences might not want to risk investing their attention, thus fulfilling the prophecy...

What is edge of the seat about it? Totally predictable that Joe Caroll always wins, Kevin Bacon is always three steps behind and always shows every card he has. Annoying and dull.

Where's the damn spoiler alert!!!
Great, Thanks for ruining the fact the baddie doesn't die at the end of the season!!

Why would you think the big bad would die at the end of the season? The whole point of the show is the rivalry between the two characters. Purefoy and Bacon are probably the only characters whose places would be assured throughout the whole of the series.

The tension comes from knowing who you can trust. The show is pretty effective at building up the expectation that at this stage pretty much anyone could be working for Carroll. If the show has any balls the next thing they'll do is play around with those expectations to deliver more twists.

You need to get on iMDB and post this!

Terrible show, that strains any level of credibility. It jumped the shark episode 3 and I haven't watched it since.

Why do the same 2 or 3 people investigate a new location associated with the cult? The FBI are over matched and always taken by surprise? If I were the agents I would roll with squads of no less then 10 people (especially since one of them will most likely be a member of the cult). It should be a ONE SEASON SHOW! I am afraid it will be ruined with too many "oops, we just missed him again" scenarios!

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