Grant Gustin discusses being cast as The Flash

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19 Aug 2014 - 07:13

Actor Grant Gustin chats about his role as Barry Allen in TV’s The Flash.

Taking the mantle of portraying a superhero on-screen can be a career-making turn for acting talent these days, and The Flash’s Grant Gustin admitted in an interview recently that he does feel the pressure.

"I let myself feel the pressure a little bit because I wanted to live up to The Flash and make the fans happy," the actor told The Hollywood Reporter.

“My Glee experience taught me — to a certain degree — not to listen too much to fan backlash, at least to negative things,” said the telly-musical alumnus. “Once you have the job, you have the job and you've got to do it.”

Discussing his suitability for the role, Gustin mentioned that "if it had been a team of people that didn't know what they were doing, I probably wouldn't have gotten this role because they would have just cast a blonde guy who was buff.”

"They were looking for somebody who encompassed the heart of Barry Allen and at first, I didn't realise I did. Now that I've explored the character, the comics, read the scripts and talked to [the producers], I understand why I got this role," continued the actor.

"It will probably forever be my favourite character that I'll ever get to play," Gustin also mentioned. He also discussed the comics’ Flashpoint storyline, time travel and the romantic possibilities in the show. It sounds like the role is in safe, enthusiastic hands to us.

More on The Flash as we hear it.


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