New extended trailer for The Flash

Trailer Louisa Mellor 16 May 2014 - 08:22

Here's a hefty five minute trailer for forthcoming Arrow spin-off, The Flash...

"What if I'm not a hero? What if i'm just some guy who was struck by lightning?"

The CW is not being miserly with its portions in serving up this chunky five minute trailer for new DC series, The Flash.

In it, we see young Barry Allen's tragic backstory, his superhero origins, his love interest, the fight he has on his hands with Weather Wizard, and more. There's also a fair amount of him zipping about being the fastest man in the universe. 

Oh, and he gets an idea for a name change too, something that, considering Barry isn't necessarily the most superheroic of monikers, is no bad idea...

The Flash will air on The CW on Tuesdays at 8pm, just before Supernatural, from this autumn.

The CW

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Looks good, apart from I just watched the entire show in those 5 minutes.

Possibly the first two or three episodes, but hardly the 'entire show'.

It really does seem like the art of creating a trailer is dead. This one gives away the whole pilot episode at the very least!

Looks pretty good. Can't wait

As a big fan of Arrow I was looking forward to this new show. However, this trailer has me worried we're in for a Smallville style "Freak of the Week" type of series.

I was worried as the flash is hard to do but looks good ill defo check it out

Never watched Arrow. Now I have to, cuz this looks good.

I get the feeling this will follow the pattern set by Arrow in its first season. For "Save the City" read "who killed my mum", there will be a bad guy of the week for the flash to sharpen his skills on and he has a team behind him to get him over the rough patches. eventually the writers will hit a cool plot and that will further develop and expand the series like the Slade wilson story

I guess that it...

I almost squealed when the "Ferris Aircraft Testing Facility" sign flashed across the screen. I haven't seen the Green Lantern movie though so I don't know if it means much or not.

I think it's probably more of a reference to the Green Arrow/Green Lantern team up comics. I doubt they'll put Hal Jordan in the TV series though, especially since the name Ferris was references in Man of Steel.

you must watch Arrow, really missing out if you don't :)

Next marathon hopefully

This is by far the ballsiest thing a network has done in a long time, especially The CW

I thought this would be crap - sorry, just being honest. But... it looks bloody brilliant.

You should it's good stuff. However stick with it troughout the first season. That season is rather The CW soapy stuff here and there, but becomes rather awesome towards the end. Season 2 is just glorious!

That is the problem with about any upfront trailer from any of the big four networks. However the First Look trailer of The Flash was a proper trailer that didn't give anything away.

I believe it, it was sort of like that with SHIELD, not soapy just too episodic, and then the arcs kicked in, so I know what you mean.

Couldn't help but really laugh at the line "the lightning chose you!" So corny!

A key difference is that (as much as I love SHIELD), SHIELD's problems were with it being badly written for a long while. Arrow was never that badly written, it was just not being written as a 'Green Arrow' series for a long time; it shied away from the comic book elements, fitting in with the 'The Dark Knight'/'Man of Steel' ethos of being kind of ashamed of it being about a superhero.

However, by the end of the first season and especially into the second, Arrow really commits to the insanity, and it's just fantastic. Even the first season is pretty good, but it doesn't let itself break loose until late on in the season. It's definitely soapy, but it's (generally) good soapy, and eventually it embraces the comic book feel more than any DC adaptation in recent memory.


I'm not sure about that; I didn't bother watching past episode 2 of Arrow because it was so bad. I'll give it a go now after the good press for the latter part of season 1.

the scene that shows him getting him and the beakers and lab equipment blowing looks like the early 90's version of the flash getting his powers. John Wesley Shipp's always been badly treated, but his version was pretty good, especially for the time when superhero based stuff were considered jokes to start with.

but they could be building up to their JLA movie verse. After all they already have batman,superman, wonderwoman, and others in the next MOS/batman reboot 'batman vs superman' and it looks like they are building an over arcing universe like Marvel's.Even in MOS, at the end the woman with the general chasing Supes is named Ferris, likely a slip in of the Carol Ferris character mostly known from the Hal Jordan era GL.

I'm not going to say that the first half of SHIELD was well written but Arrow wasn't that great too. Even Season 2 has it's cringeworthy sections. Main reason: Laurel Lance.

You do know that in the last episode of Season 1 they wanted to shoot down a Ferris airplane? Given that this Test Facility is the second easteregg I'm seriously wondering where WB/DC wants to take their stuff.

Hope so, I thought there were glimpses of good series in Season 1 but man did it drag with all the relationship stuff. Thought I was watching a soap opera....

I still don't know why super hero shows don't do away with the origins episodes and show glimpses of their past in flashbacks throughout the series. Arrow did this a bit and although much of it was bit too slow for my liking at least the flashbacks saved us from three episodes of him being awful at what he does.

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