First teaser trailer for The Flash

Trailer Louisa Mellor 15 May 2014 - 07:45

The CW has released a first trailer for Arrow spin-off, The Flash. Watch it here...

"Game on"

This sixty second first look at The CW's forthcoming The Flash aired during an ad break in Arrow's suitably tense season two finale, providing some light relief during the hour.

If we're able to judge by this minute-long teaser, it looks as though The Flash is establishing a lighter, more upbeat tone than its parent show, more Raimi's Spider-Man discovering his powers than Arrow's Dark Knight-ish set-up. Nice effects, too.

Watch below as Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) tries out his new super-speed with the help of a pal...


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Damn, I love The Flash but I don't think I can take a TV Flash seriously in a post-Sheldon Cooper-as-Flash world. The starting point for this series should have been taking a look at the fx on the Big Bang episode in question and asking "How can we do super speed so it doesn't look remotely like this?"

Ha your so right, I thought he was going to shout "Good Lord, how you frustrate me, Leonard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

The Flash is definitely worthy of a movie, not what looks like some teen drama. Only watched the first 2 episodes of Arrow but, boy, they sucked.

You should have stuck with it. It fits with the Nolan-esque DC movie world that has been created and I actually think the actor could transition into Green Arrow in the movies (I didn't think that at first). There are very few teen-drama moments (if any).

Why does Oliver's arrow make a sound like a sword being unsheathed?

I would both agree and disagree with this. The show is worth a watch, definitely, and gets better and better. The young pretty people in love triangles doesn't really go away, though...

Audible sharpness.

Yeah that's exactly what i feared it would be. When I watched it every character was ludicrously good looking. Not typically a sign of character depth.

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