Grant Gustin's The Flash costume in full

News Louisa Mellor 11 Mar 2014 - 17:45

See The Flash from his masked head to his tippy toes in this first full length picture of Grant Gustin in costume...

We had a peek at the neck-up section a fortnight ago, now gaze upon Grant Gustin's Flash costume in full-length glory!

We're going to use our best front-row-at-London-Fashion-Week lingo now to give you a run-down of what you're looking at: an all-in-one leather-effect suit with burgundy snakeskin-looking arm-bits, leggings, a torso with a badge that looks as though it won't survive its first dry clean, knee-bendy bits, waffle-y gloves and mid-calf welly-style boots without laces (presumably for speed).

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The point about no laces is probably so that he doesn't accidentally trip over them while running at near light speeds. That would not be good.

I get the distinct impression that last sentence got a little out of your control! Love it.

I can't unsee Sheldon Cooper in it....

Those leatherette trousers look like they will really chafe. There are all sorts of fancy modern fabrics; They wick moisture and everything.

Hmm interesting not bad but not great.

What is going on with the pose?! His left leg looks about 12"!!!

Looks like Kick Ass. Quick Ass!

The "snakeskin looking bits" remind me of the Spider-Man outift.

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