Grant Gustin's The Flash costume in full

News Louisa Mellor
11 Mar 2014 - 17:45

See The Flash from his masked head to his tippy toes in this first full length picture of Grant Gustin in costume...

We had a peek at the neck-up section a fortnight ago, now gaze upon Grant Gustin's Flash costume in full-length glory!

We're going to use our best front-row-at-London-Fashion-Week lingo now to give you a run-down of what you're looking at: an all-in-one leather-effect suit with burgundy snakeskin-looking arm-bits, leggings, a torso with a badge that looks as though it won't survive its first dry clean, knee-bendy bits, waffle-y gloves and mid-calf welly-style boots without laces (presumably for speed).

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