John Wesley Shipp to guest star in The Flash pilot

News Louisa Mellor
12 Feb 2014 - 06:58

The CW's Flash pilot is honouring its predecessor with a cameo from 90s Flash, John Wesley Shipp...

Those of us who found it tricky to concentrate on any scene featuring Mitch Leery (John Wesley Shipp) on Dawson's Creek thanks to the memory of his days in skin-tight red lycra as The Flash in his titular early nineties TV series will be tickled by this one.

The CW, which is doing its damnedest to match Gotham for daily pilot casting announcements, is to feature an as-yet undisclosed appearance from Shipp as homage to the show's roots. It's a neat idea and a tip of the hat towards The Flash's past, just as long as Shipp is one of the only things the new pilot takes from its short-lived predecessor...

Read more about the latest casting for The Flash pilot, here.


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